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Canada, 2012 (MIFF 2013, International Panorama)

Director: Kazik Radwanski

"One of the year's most jarring and accomplished debuts." - Cinema Scope

Despite the film's lofty title, the man at the centre of Tower lives life in the mundane. Derek is a balding, 30-something loner living with his parents who works part time and pours himself into an animation project. Keeping the world at arm's length, Derek languidly makes his way through the offbeat channels that make up an existence from which he seems almost disconnected.

The feature-length debut from MIFF Accelerator alumnus Kazik Radwanski, this off-kilter and slyly funny character study retains a humanness despite its awkward protagonist. Tower asks what role happiness plays in our lives and how social pressure or its absence can sculpt who we are.

"Kazik Radwanski's captivating feature debut, framed tightly and in shallow focus, pulls us face-to-face with a character who seems about to explode at any moment." - The Toronto Star

D/S Kazik Radwanski P Dan Montgomery WS Medium Density Fibreboard Films TD DCP/2012

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