Australia, 2016 (MIFF 2016, Australian Showcase)

Director: Sascha Ettinger Epstein


"Bodybuilding is hidden and so quiet in Australia because the dominating sports are NRL and AFL and the bloody cricket … I want to shine a light on this sport where the people train just as hard as any other athlete." – Natasha Lawrence

For Indigenous women Natasha Lawrence and Kylene Anderson, there's only one priority in their lives right now: to make it to the Arnolds, an invitation-only bodybuilding competition named after Schwarzenegger himself, which is about to be held in Australia for the very first time. But there's no room for half measures in competitive bodybuilding, and Natasha and Kylene will have to sacrifice more than they could imagine if they want to achieve their dreams.

A stirring character portrait of these two powerful but very different women – as well as a fascinating glimpse into the forever strange world of professional bodybuilding – Destination Arnold is the captivating new documentary from director Sascha Ettinger Epstein, with input from Natasha Lawrence. Filled to overflowing with warmth, humour and unexpected insight, Destination Arnold is an irrepressible feel-good story with a huge heart – and even huger muscles.

Deb Verhoeven will host a Q&A with Sascha Ettinger-Epstein and Natasha Lawrence at the session on 5 August.

Britt Arthur will host a Q&A with Sascha Ettinger-Epstein and Natasha Lawrence at the session on 6 August.

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