ANTONIO 1, 2, 3

Portugal / Brazil, 2017 (MIFF 2017, International,Europe)

Director: Leonardo Mouramateus

ANTONIO 1, 2, 3

A lyrical vision of young love in Lisbon, perhaps the most romantic – and the most cinematic – city in the world.

In Brazilian newcomer Leonardo Mouramateus' debut film, inspired by the tragic romance of Dostoyevsky's novella White Nights, the Portuguese capital is laced with three interconnected stories, each one seamlessly blending fantasy and reality.

Having been thrown out of his house by his father, António seeks refuge with an ex-girlfriend, but unexpectedly meets her mysterious houseguest, visiting from Brazil. A playwright struggling with the staging of his first play finds council from a young stagehand. On her way back to Brazil, Débora visits the theatre, and is carried away by her dreams.

Injecting the laconic charm of Manoel de Oliveira with the youthful vivacity of the French new wave, Antonio 1, 2, 3 heralds the arrival of a fresh, independent voice in world cinema.

'One of the best portraits of the speed and instability of the world, the fragility of relationships, of today's youth – with its contradictions, insecurities and uncertainties – but also an affirmation of the possibilities of life.' –

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