USA, 2017 (MIFF 2017, International,North America)

Director: Alethea Jones


Melbourne filmmaker Alethea Jones heads to Hollywood, taking Toni Collette and Molly Shannon through the mayhem that doesn’t usually come with motherhood.

Wearied by the routine of parenting primary-school-aged children, four Los Angeles women hatch a plan: for one night, they’ll leave their families at home while they enjoy a wine-fuelled dinner. It doesn’t take long for their innocent evening of escapism to leap from tapas and chatter to raucousness and revelations.

After an acclaimed spate of short films – including When the Wind Changes (MIFF 2010), Dave’s Dead (MIFF 2012) and Tropfest winner Lemonade Stand – Australian director Alethea Jones hits the big time with a delightfully bawdy ensemble effort. With heartwarming hilarity, her hijinks-filled first feature does for mum get-togethers what Bridesmaids did for wedding parties.

'A cheerfully scatty, diverting adult comedy that gives four lovably funny actresses some broadly silly, dirty material to play with, tosses in some on-brand mugging from their supporting males, copious time-capsule gags involving Instagram and vajazzling, plus the dreamboat distraction of Adam Levine in tight denim.' – Variety

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