USA, 2017 (MIFF 2017, International,North America)

Director: Aaron Katz

Zoe Kravitz and Lola Kirke dazzle in this Lynchian neo-noir satire on Hollywood and the film industry.

A personal assistant’s job is never done – when Jill (Kirke, MIFF 2015’s Mistress America) isn’t fielding angry calls from starlet Heather’s (Kravitz, MIFF 2015’s Dope) famous ex, she’s quitting high-profile films on her behalf, fending off overzealous fans and setting up late-night karaoke sessions. And, when Heather’s break from the limelight forces Jill into the police spotlight, she’s bouncing around Los Angeles trying to solve a murky murder mystery, with a dogged detective (John Cho) on her trail.

Wowing audiences at SXSW and coming to MIFF fresh from Locarno, Gemini turns a tale of celebrity and identity into a pulpy, neon-lit puzzler brimming with intrigue and style. Blending Hitchcockian thrills and wry Hollywood insights, writer/director Aaron Katz (Land Ho!) crafts a propulsive whodunit that’s as playful as it is potent, complete with Kirke commanding attention with her naturalistic charms.

'An uncanny, exquisite synthesis of naturalism and genre, the film is a heady cocktail of high style and lo-fi whose sum effect is irresistible.' – Village Voice

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