Germany / Hungary, 2017 (MIFF 2017, International,Europe)

Director: Kornél Mundruczó


The superhero genre collides with the rolling tragedy of Europe's refugee crisis in previous Cannes award-winner Kornél Mundruczó's action-packed assault on tribalism, human indecency and the basic laws of gravity.

Aryan is a Syrian refugee trying to make the dangerous journey from Serbia into Hungary – and the protection of the EU. When he's shot by an overzealous immigration cop as he crosses the border, Aryan suddenly discovers he can fly. It's a power that could change everything for him and his family, but people fear what they don't know, and the authorities will do whatever they need in order to neutralise a perceived threat.

The tropes of the superhero origin story are deployed to devastating effect in Jupiter's Moon, the latest from Hungarian phenomenon Kornél Mundruczó (Cannes Un Certain Regard winner White God, MIFF 2014). A heady mix of immediate blockbuster thrills and more considered provocations, Jupiter's Moon is a rich parable of one of the world's most intractable issues, delivered by one of its most exciting filmmakers.

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