MIFF Festival Lounge - Blackhearts & Sparrows Presents 'Not Serious Wine Chats'

(MIFF 2017, MIFF Festival Lounge)

This is a free session, no reservations are required. The 3:30-5:30pm Wine Down Wine Tasting has SOLD OUT. Tickets remain on sale for the 12:30-2:30pm tasting here.

Melbourne’s most loved wine store, Blackhearts & Sparrows, will once again flex their viticultural muscles at MIFF with Wine Down, a Wine Tasting Event including a 'Not Serious Wine Chat'.

Due to the popularity of the 2016 sold-out event, this time wine lovers can choose from two sessions, either 12.30pm–2.30pm or 3.30pm–5.30pm (Sold Out). In between the two sessions, Blackhearts & Sparrows will present a special edition of 'Not Serious Wine Chats' discussing 'The Price of Plonk - Why Does it Cost What it Does?'

'Like most things, wine costs money to make. But what's the deal with pricing wine, and why is it so different depending on where you buy it? Does price reflect quality? How much should quality cost, and who decides? Where's your money going, and where's the value?' The experts chatting about this topic include prominent Spanish wine importer Scott Wasley; Len Evans Dux; Blackhearts & Sparrows' own Adam Cotterell; and Valentine Wines' Dominic Valentine and Bar Owner Laura Twomey.

The Not Serious Wine Chats discussion is free, but to participate in the Wine Tasting, you will need to purchase a ticket that includes a Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass (valued at $39.99 a pair), which is yours to keep.

Secure your ticket to Wine Down 2017 at MIFF to taste and meet the makers of:

Konpira Maru
Philip Lobley Wines
BK Wines
Latta Vino
Eastern Peake
Betrand Bespoke
Blood Moon
Valentine Wines
Mornington Peninsula Brewery
La Sirene Brewing
Sailors Grave Brewing
Maidenii Vermouth

Not Serious Wine Chats Speakers:
Scott Wasley, the Importer/Distributor
Chances are, if you've ordered something Spanish to drink in a restaurant around Melbourne, you've got Scott Wasley to thank for bringing it to town. Scott founded the Spanish Acquisition in 2001, importing and distributing specialist Spanish food and wine. Scott's an educator (watch his Vimeo vids), writer, oyster and anchovy afficionado, not to mention an incredibly sharp dresser. Watch out.
Dominic Valentine, the Winemaker
With a last name like Valentine, perhaps it was heaven ordained that Dom would ply his trade making the nectar of the gods. after time spent perfecting his craft in Germany, this young master of Riesling returned to the Yarra Valley where he lent his skill to the Oakridge label, before venturing out on his own. look out for the Valere and Valentine labels - and treat yourself to some excellent Riesling, Grenache, Rosé or Semillon. It's delicious stuff.
Adam Cotterell, the Retailer
Formerly the man in the know at the City Wine Shop, Adam is now one of the big guns at Blackhearts & Sparrows, our favourite wine shop. And he's a pro at talking about wine in a not serious way, so we've been hounding him to join us since the beginning. Not to sing his praises *too* fervently, Adam was named dux of the Len Evans tutorial in 2015 (this gig is NO walk in the park, go see for yourself). He's also a legend dad to two great gals, one of whom only joined the family a few weeks ago. Naww. Adam will be hosting this month's chat.
David Reist, the Wine Marketer
Clonakilla is a wine label you'll no doubt be familiar with - they've been making some outstanding wine from their Murrumbateman vineyard north of Canberra since 1976. and Canadian-born David's been the guy who's been selling it to you (or to Blackhearts, or to your local restaurant or bottle shop, from here to New York). Officially, he's the General Manager, and Sales and Marketing Director at Clonakilla, but he has a hat closet full of hats - he's the guy who fields your wine orders, gets them shipped, sorts out the exporting and EVERYTHING in between. he's also a pretty good photographer in his spare time (because clearly he has lots of that...)
Laura Twomey, the Bar Owner
The Twominator, as she's lovingly known by her friends, has quite the résumé. She's slung wine at the City Wine Shop, Movida and the French Saloon, and here's one you didn't see coming - she's also spent time in the mines learning how to weld. Handy! Never one to turn down a beer and a shot of brown, Laura's latest venture is one of our favourite places in Melbourne. It's called Paradise Alley and it's tucked into a warehouse in the middle of Collingwood. It's the kind of place you'll happily lose hours. Laura's bringing a unique insight to this month's chat - as the bar owner, she'll be shedding some light on why booze costs what it does when you're dining/drinking out.

This is a free session, no reservations are required.

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