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A Solitary Human Voice - The Films of Alexandr Sokurov

A HUMBLE LIFE (Alexander Sokurov, 1997)
"A Russian man regularly travels through the towns and villages of Japan. He observes and listens to the conversations of ordinary Japanese people, looks at the cities, reads about the history of the… Read more

MOTHER AND SON (Alexander Sokurov, 1997)
It is the aura of delicate ambiguity that defines Mother and Son as a contemporary cinematic masterpiece. A fragile mother is dying, although if is uncertain whether she is physically ill or just res… Read more

Oriental Elegy (Alexander Sokurov, 1996)
"What a strange dream.. a stork, a river, an old park, a voice, through the mist, the outline of a house becomes visible. The houses seem to push each other aside, they huddle together, they rock on … Read more

Robert: A Fortunate Life (Alexander Sokurov, 1996)
Robert: A Fortunate Life is Sokurov's key pictorial account of the work of Hubert Robert (1733-1808), a French painter who was representative of what Sokurov calls 'classic virtuosity'. ... "Sokurov … Read more

WHISPERING PAGES (Alexander Sokurov, 1993)
"The shape of a dark world - in both senses of the word - comes into view in slow pans which are only interrupted by cuts to a new location. We see the facades of dockland buildings, the catacomb-lik… Read more

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