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Accent on Asia

"This ultraviolent attack on Chinese consumerism is a stunning slap in the face from previously-sedate director Jia Zhang-ke." - The Guardian ... The blood hits the floor in this confronting look at modern China and the domestic conflict its newfound wealth has wrought. Following four characters ... Read more
The chaos and contradictions of modern India are laid riotously bare in writer/director Punarvasu Naik's striking feature film debut. ... The terrorists' plan was simple enough: plant a bomb inside a soft toy of the elephant god Ganesh and blow it up when the streets were filled with Hindus. But ... Read more
A long-held grudge between a Bollywood wannabe and a ruthless chief of police frames this hectic action thriller about Mumbai's dark side. ... When aspiring actor Rahul leaves his daughter Kali in the car while he attends an audition, she vanishes without a trace. But the investigation into her ... Read more
“Lewd, crude and flat-out hilarious.” - Twitch ... Coming from the island that brought us the blockbuster hit 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, this parody of the Hong Kong film industry lives up to the expectations of such distinguished cinematic company. Holding court in a theatre full of film ... Read more
The most expensive Taiwanese film ever made, Warriors of the Rainbow tells the legendary true story of a ruthless aboriginal rebellion against invading Japanese forces. ... The Japanese Imperial Army has swept all before it. But on the island of Taiwan, 300 warriors from a tiny tribe called the ... Read more
“Spectacular... authentic feeling actioner recounting an aborigine rebellion in 1930s Taiwan.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Continuing the resplendently mythic visage of part 1, this conclusion to Warriors of the Rainbow blends tropes from Westerns, war movies and samurai films into a wildly ... Read more
"Charming, hilarious, touching and unashamedly frank." - Twitch ... The elastic boundaries of family, identity and sexual fulfilment furnish the intertwined tales of Arvin Chen's (Au Revoir Taipei, MIFF 2010) sophomore effort, as midlife malaise begets a coming of age. ... After nine dedicated and ... Read more
"Already a poet and novelist, Li Hongqi is also a talented filmmaker, here managing to dot an ultra-minimalist slice of life with speckles of wry deadpan humour." - Time Out London ... The monotony of life gets the absurdist comedy treatment in Winter Vacation, a stark presentation of life in a ... Read more
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