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Akira Kurosawa Retrospective

Gondo, the production head of a shoe factory, mortgages his house and belongings to gain control of the company. Before he proceeds, a kidnapper rings and asks for a large amount of money for the return of his son. The money demanded would take all that he had raised. Later the son returns, and it ... Read more
The head of a large family, a wealthy industrialist, tries to persuade his family, his mistresses and their children, to emigrate to Brazil, where he thinks they will be safe from atomic extinction. The family, loath to leave their wealth behind, appeal to the Tokyo Family Court to have the man ... Read more
Kurosawa's first film was produced in 1943 - a time when a film could be rejected by the Information Bureau for showing American influence, though Judo Saga was safe in its portrayal of Japanese martial honour. ... The film shows the growth of Sanshiro Sugata from a raw novice into a highly skilled ... Read more
The theme of the film is based on the famous Takikawa Incident of 1933, which forced the resignation of Professor Yukitoki Takikawa from the faculty of Kyoto University for his supposed "communistic thought", and caused a sensation among the nation's intellectuals. One of his pupils was Hidema ... Read more
A group of young aspiring samurai, all highly serious and idealistic, meet Sanjuro, an older samurai. ... His appearance shocks them. He is dirty, unkempt and sloppy, and his manners at times the very opposite of the clean-cut, honourable image of a samurai. The contrast between the spick-and-span ... Read more
The daughter of the president of a government housing corporation marries her father's secretary. At the wedding ceremony, corruption is hinted at in the corporation; there is a police inquiry, and the organisation advises two employees to commit suicide to remove suspicion from the senior ... Read more
Dostoevsky is Kurosawa's favourite author, and in Prince Myushikin, he admires the character's compassion and near godlike quality. ... In The Idiot, Prince Myushikin becomes a Japanese returning from Okinawa to Hokkaido, where he innocently becomes involved in a menage a quatre. In a departure ... Read more
A young doctor contracts syphilis while operating on a soldier during the war. ... On returning to Tokyo, he enters private practice in the family clinic, but has to face the problems of his love for a girl. He decides to sever his relationship with her in order to protect her from his infection ... Read more
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