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American experiment

Black children at Coney ... Read more
An internal probe into the violence and mystery of the American psyche seen through the eye of a black man and the Russian Revolution. ... Read more
Vietnam, assassination, racial strife and police clashes are documented in a machine-gun succession of images photographed directly off the television screen to produce the unsettling atmosphere of violence and chaos that flickering TV images often transmit. ... Read more
During the course of producing a film, an individual reflects upon himself and his relations with others, at the same time as being bemused by the tools of his trade. ... A difficult abstract work, with no apparent plot or sequence, which talks elliptically of Greek myths and their significance to ... Read more
A kaleidoscopic collage of colours and dehumanised modern dancers, making subtle use of double exposure and electronic music. Shapes move and grow to form designs which are reflected. turned. twisted and finally fragmented. to reveal an understanding for the infinitude of design. ... Read more
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