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It's Akira with humour, Roadrunner with humans, an animated Pulp Fiction! Bill Plympton's toon masterpiece —for adults who don't care about political correctness - is an insanely funny romp into a bizarre world governed by the cartoonist's surreal mind. Newlyweds Grant and Kerry find their ... Read more
Jin-Roh is set in an alternate universe where, in Tokyo of the 1950s, advanced technology already abounds. A totalitarian government is ruthlessly crushing dissident activists. Our protagonist is Kazuki Fuse, a member of the Kerberos, a heavily armed Special Unit trained to crush resistance. While ... Read more
Based on a manga by Hirashi Takashige, Spriggan is a thrilling, high-tech Japanimation saga. The Spriggan are highly trained agents of Arcam, a worldwide organisation dedicated to protecting humanity from a malevolent artifact left on earth by an ancient civilisation. The film opens deep in the ... Read more
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