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1300cc (Eoin Clarke, 2000)
A beautifully twisted moralistic tale evolves during a drug induced ride through the English countryside with a burly biker. ... Read more

2 Figures Against (Alain Le Razer, 1994)
Somewhere on earth in a corner darkened by war two figures struggle to survive. Before all, duties are met. But the pull of life and the mag­netism of bodies sweep the two characters into a dance… Read more

2:41 Upfield (Callum Cooper, )
In an environment that exists only in its immediacy, a man stumbles over familiarity in the darkness. Local filmmaker Callum Cooper's first animation was awarded the Best Script, Best Animation and M… Read more

46 Bis (Pascal Baes, 1988)
Two women. A courtyard. A tango. Dancing pixillation. ... Read more

A Family Portrait (Joseph Pierce, 2009)
A picture perfect memento to hang on the wall becomes a ‘happy' family snap from a family about to snap. ... --- ... D/S Joseph Pierce P Mark Grimmer, Aneil Karia WS Film London TD digibeta/2009 ..… Read more

A Hypothesis (Boris Baromykin, 1988)
Scientists attempt to solve the question of the existence of Martians. One of them appears to have found the right formula ... Read more

A is for Autism (Tim Webb, 1992)
Using as its source the words, music and draw­ings of autistic people, this film explores the feeling of autism from the inside Constructed to reflect an idiosyncratic and obsessive world, it is … Read more

A Poem (Dina Giddio, 1991)
Set to a poem, this animation maps out the emotional impact of a failed relationship in the animator's life. (AA) ... Read more

A Rat in the Building (Andrew Horne, 1989)
An impressive debut animation from Andrew Horne, adapted from a story by Olga Masters. ... Every Thursday, Maud plays hostess to her four friends from Every Street, Lilyfield - amongst them, Irene wh… Read more

A Saucer of Water for the Birds (Ann Shenfield, 1993)
Ann Shenfield uses the medium of animation to explore notions of her European heritage through Babcha's (her grandmother's) stones. The stories describe life in Lodz and Paris, before WWII and the Ho… Read more

A Tadpole Tale (Mark Arnott, 1996)
Tadpoles don't stay as tadpoles, and in a kitchen things have a way of ending up in the pot. This very short film uses an economical technique (back-lit sand on glass) that lends itself to big moves … Read more

Aardman Shorts (Darren Walsh, Various, 2003)
As well as new Wallace and Gromit works (see Animation Gallery), MIFF presents new installments of some Aardman favourites: Angry Kid and The Presentators. With trademark humour and characterisation,… Read more

Abductees (Paul Vester, 1995)
An animated documentary that purports to be a study of people kidnapped by space aliens. Their stories are tested in a process of hypno­therapy and regressive memory analysis.(RP) ... Read more

Adam (Peter Lord, 1991)
The world is a ball and the first human being is called Adam He's standing there now and looks as if he might fall down, so the creator plants him a little more firmly m the ground He has to learn al… Read more

Akbar’s Cheetah (Iain Gardner, 1999)
Spring had sprung and every species is mating except the caged cheetahs of Akbar, Emperor of Hindustran. When frustration spills over, stay out of reach of the big cats. ... Read more

Alchemists (Heide Blomkvist, 1992)
A modern, cautionary fable which explores life, death and rebirth, the futility of permanence and the inevitability ofchange. The film is made from the point of view of one of nature's most beautiful… Read more

All Ears (Ben McGill, 1998)
Archie lives a peaceful existence in the apartment which has long served as his home, carrying the warmth of a life full of fond memories. This peace is broken when a slick, fast talking salesman com… Read more

Alma (Rodrigo Blaas, 2009)
Skipping through her snow-covered town, Alma spots a familiar looking doll in a window. Foolishly, she decides to enter… ... --- ... D/S Rodrigo Blaas P Cecile Hokes L no dialogue TD 35mm/2009 … Read more

ALOIS NEBEL (Tomá_ Lu_ák, 2011)
“A bracing experience for those who want animation to be more than 3D superheroics and anthropomorphic animal stories.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Alois Nebel is an isolated train dispatcher at a l… Read more

Amore Baciami (Oliver Harrison, 1988)
A love story is reduced to its essential ingredients — words and voice. A delightful music clip which is minimalist but not avant-garde. - (FF ... Read more

Angel Food (Julia Bourke, 2000)
A strawberry awakes to the harsh reality of its inevitable destiny. ... Read more

Angry Kid (Selected Highlights from Series I & II) (Darren Walsh, 2001)
Angry Kid is Aardman's new kid on the block. Dressed in regulation 70s parka, Angry Kid's constant pushing at boundaries and in-your-face bravado leads him into a series of embarrassing and potential… Read more

Angry Man (Anita Killi, 2009)
“One day I hope to be like daddy, my big, kind daddy! I'll be good, and quiet, and hope the day will turn out fine.” ... --- ... D/P/S Anita Killi WS Norwegian Film Institute L Norwegian w/Englis… Read more

APOSTLE, The (Fernando Cortizo, 2012)
Spain's first ever stop-motion feature is a haunting journey into Gothic folklore. ... Convict Ramón escapes from prison and heads towards a remote village in search of loot that was hidden ye… Read more

Appeal (Asteria Widarini Setiono, )
A satirical look at society's view of beauty, Appeal tracks a woman's desperate act to achieve the figure she always dreamed of. --- D/P/S/WS Asteria Widarini Setiono TD video/col/2004/5mins ... Read more

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