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60 Seh Kundeh 2. Le Trait Rouge-Und. (Martin Anibas, 1993)
By such techniques as painting and scratching directly onto film, Martin Anibas creates a bold abstract in motion. The film's visual rhythm is echoed in the soundtrack's jazz-influenced score. ... Read more

A Slice of Life or the Crumbs of Existence (Janet Merewether, 1994)
A winged knife slices bread. This recurrent metaphor sets the film's context by juxtaposing the surreal with the mundane. While exploring notions such as romance and memory, the film's black and whit… Read more

Ah Pook Is Here (Philip Hunt, 1994)
A fascinating mixture of puppetry and computer animation techniques, based on a text by William S. Burroughs, with the music of John Cale. ... Read more

Alice In Plasmaland (Magnus Carlsson, Jonas Odell, 1993)
Alice is a strange girl who has a doll's house full of bold and malicious figures. Be Alice's guest at her party. It'll be an event you'll never forget - because for Alice, every night is Saturday ni… Read more

Altered Ego (Ange Palethorpe, 1994)
Behind the smile of a model lies a mind. But a cerebellum never got a centre-spread in Playboy. ... Read more

Bert (Craig Ross, )
Bert is just an ordinary revolting slob until his behaviour is transformed in a bathroom encounter. ... Read more

Bob's Birthday (Alison Snowden, David Fine, 1993)
Surprise birthday parties can be risky. Especially when the guest of honour is turning forty. Poor Bob! It's tough turning forty! Midlife crisis and all, poor dear! ... Read more

Britannia (Joanna Quinn, 1993)
Joanna Quinn of Girl's Night Out and Body Beautiful fame, uses her distinctively beautiful drawing style to produce this short history of England as a rapacious imperialistic bulldog. ... Read more

Drop (Bruno Bozzetto, 1993)
From the dripping tap to the end of the universe - unless! Watch this space. ... Read more

Endless Tango (Michael Dwass, 1993)
By way of his clever use of rotoscoped images, Michael Dwass explores the relationship between remembered or imagined images with the realities of the present. The action is set somewhere on Lower Ma… Read more

Ex Memoriam (Beriou, 1992)
Wonderfully eclectic and witty, Ex Memoriam is a computer meta/morph/osis that reimages the site of history and the body. Dealing in the politics of polaroids; the contradictions of logic; and the vi… Read more

Franz Müller's Spring of Wire (Heinrich Sabl, 1993)
Puppet animation which explores the world of Dada, with numerous references to the artist Kurt Schwitters, in the context of animation as social document. Like Vertov, Sabl adopts the role of Man as … Read more

Georgianzzz (Marina Fleurova, 1994)
A pastoral fantasy of a world which never existed, but remains an ideal in many people's hopes. ... Read more

Gorgeous (Kaz Cooke, 1994)
Gorgeous follows the perils of Hermoine the Modern Girl as she tackles plastic surgery, beauty therapy and bulimia in a feral fit of inadequacy, brought on by her evil inner voice, Deirdre the bad fa… Read more

His Comedy (Paul Bush, 1994)
By engraving images from Gustav Doré's 19th-century woodblock engravings of Dante's Divine Comedy directly onto the surface of 35mm filmstock the film follows the poet Dante as he is taken through t… Read more

In Time of Angels (David Alexander Anderson, 1994)
Have you ever wished you could reverse time or bring dreams to life? If so, you will like this manipulation of images in real time to animation. The difference, in a Gothic sense, between fate and de… Read more

Intermezzo (Daniel Guyonnet, 1993)
A playful series of five short animated exercises - from the fun parlour to Palm Beach. The witty concepts are stylishly executed and tautly paced. ... Read more

Karaiba (Lea Zagury, 1993)
Lea Zagury is a Brazilian filmmaker who has been living and working in the United States for some fifteen years. ... In a series of collages and stop-motion, she explores the relationship between Bra… Read more

Kitchen (Pamela Woods, 1993)
Ford Maddox Ford's kitchen tableau evokes a disquieting atmosphere of the forbidden world of adulthood. Pamela Woods' animation uses three-dimensional objects and cut-outs to emphasize the unsettling… Read more

Little Wolf (An Vrombaut, 1993)
A humorous animation about a group of wolf-like creatures. Through some folly, the smallest member of the pack goes the highest. But having jumped so high, the little wolf now has far to fall... ... Read more

Manila Child (Nonoy Dadivas, 1994)
By using a series of photographs of urban landscapes of Manila, two animated figures of a desperate mother and young child wander through desolate streets, as she attempts to abandon her child. The f… Read more

Muttaburrasaurus (Graham Binding, Norman Yeend, 1994)
Mind-blowing computer animation, initially created as part of the documentary Muttaburrasaurus - Life In Gondwanna. See Australia's own dinosaurs as they face threatening elements in a pre-historic e… Read more

Pro and Con (Joanna Priestley, Joan Gratz, 1993)
This kaleidoscope of animation techniques combining drawings, 2-D puppets, rotoscoping, object animation, cel animation and clay painting is an innovative animation-documentary that explores the real… Read more

Rote Movie (Dirk de Bruyn, 1994)
Traveling with Rote Movie is enticingly hypnotic. The voice and visuals gradually pull you in, until you feel the emotions and isolations of the driving man. An experimental animation, utilising vari… Read more

Salsa (Margaret French, Erik-Gustaf Brilioth, 1994)
Winter snow - through the red door. It's crazy show time. See the red peppers - they're really hot. The despondent one meets feral furry ... The tumbling tomato sings a Spanish solo. … Read more

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