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[McDull, Prince de la Bun] is the (almost surreal) sequel to Annecy Film Festival winner [My Life as McDull] (MIFF 03). Some of the film's verbal play is lost in translation, but this remains a beguiling life story of kindergarten piglet McDull (Lam Yat-fung) and his long-lost father Prince de la ... Read more
Working life and the mores of contemporary Hong Kong get a healthy serving of absurdity in the third instalment of the animated McDull series. The first two McDull films - My Life as McDull (MIFF 2003) and McDull, Prince de la Bun (MIFF 2005) - purported to tell the story of an under-achieving ... Read more
Mercano's life on Mars is a peaceful one, until one day a wayward probe from Earth smashes into his planet, killing his beloved dog. Enraged, the intrepid Martian climbs into his spacecraft and heads out for vengeance, crash-landing in Buenos Aires. Ordinarily his presence would cause alarm, but ... Read more
A young boy - out well past his bed time - follows his big sister into a cornfield. Screened at Annecy. ---D/S Tibor Banoczki P Anna Higgs WS NFTS TD DigiBeta/2007/11mins ... Read more
Shades of 60s New Wave experimentalism invade the anime genre in this stylish, surreal story of love, yakuza gangsters and life inside the belly of a whale. Nishi, a struggling comic writer, meets up with his childhood crush, the voluptuous Myon, for whom he still nurses a timid obsession. When a ... Read more
"A refreshingly oddball stew of parodic film noir, police and sci-fi elements sifted through deadpan surrealism. Distinct in tone and visual style ... the film has a striking design palette for which the co-creators (brothers Matthew and Daniel O'Donnell) wrote their own 3D animation software ... Read more
Productivity and profit are not the only reasons to reassess one's workforce arrangements. Australian Premiere. --- D/S Franck Dion P/WS Papy3D Productions TD DigiBeta/2007/9mins ... Read more
Bill Plympton has crafted an outlandish work of science fiction in his latest animated epic. Audiences still reeling from Plympton's past hits will be only partially prepared for this far flung trip from outer space to the inner reaches of one of animation's most fertile imaginations. ... Astronaut ... Read more
A vivid tale of an outback farm-dog from veteran claymation director Glen Hunwick. Selected for Annecy.---D/S Glen Hunwick P Beth Frey WS Circe Films TD DigiBeta/2007/7mins ... Read more
South Korean animator Lee Sung-Gang's feature debut (which recenty won the Grand Prix for Best Animated Feature at the prestigious Annecy Animation Festival) is a highly original cinematic fantasy. It has echoes of feverish childhood dreams shot through with a wide-eyed fascination with a world ... Read more
Winner of the Grand Prix at this years Annecy Animation Festival, and the FIPRESCI award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, My Life as McDull is the inventive, satirical story of a little pig from Hong Kong who has aspirations of moving beyond the borders of his hometown. McDull lives ... Read more
“Chock-full of exuberant characters, lively action, and a variety of emotional and toe-tapping songs.” - Seattle Film Festival ... The ghosts of Thai folklore gather in this high-spirited 3D animation that recalls the upbeat creepiness of The Nightmare Before Christmas. ... Nak, the most ... Read more
Misunderstood and fake memories of a relationship surface in the space between dreams and consciousness (Not in comp). --- D/S Reka Gacs P/WS Royal College of Art TD DigiBeta/2007/6mins ... Read more
In the dark streets of Prague, surreal scenarios and enchanted vignettes entwine to create a disturbing tryptic of urban peculiarities. ... We visit an apartment building of people with magnificent misshapen heads and dreadful ideas about animals. They perform bedroom bear hunts, practice live pet ... Read more
“This head movie is cunningly designed to mess up minds.” - Japan Times Living a double life, Dr Atsuko Chiba is a 29 year-old research psychotherapist working on the cutting edge of the scientific community. Her alter ego, 18 year-old Paprika, is a dream detective who enters people's sleep at ... Read more
Those familiar with the universe of Bubblegum Crisis:Tokyo 2040 will immediately recognise the hi-tech dystopia of Parasite Dolls, a film sure to terrify and outrage with its depiction of rogue robots, criminal conspiracy and anime mayhem! ... This first-rate Japanime marshals the creative forces ... Read more
An investigative hands-on, gloves-off study into the practice of putting things off. --- D/S/P Johnny Kelly WS Royal College of Art TD BetaSP/2007/4min ... Read more
Take Wallace And Grommit. add drunken misbehaviour, slapstick violence and smutty humour and you'd go close to Saamuel's Adventures. This riotous Estonian animated series, features a moonshine making farmer and pisstakes of more Hollywood blockbusters than you could shake a lawsuit at. ... In ... Read more
BOTH SESSIONS OF THIS FILM HAVE SOLD OUT ... Adapted from a seminal Philip K. Dick novel, Richard Linklater's strikingly animated and trippy sci-fi film, A Scanner Darkly, couples an eclectic cast with the filmmaker's extraordinary inventiveness in new animation techniques. Furthering the same ... Read more
"I live on the 23rd floor of my apartment...." ... D/S Reka Gacs WS Royal College of Art TD DigiBeta/2007/6mins ... Read more
A monumental 13-part Japanese anime series, Serial Experiments Lain is a heady brew of X-Files paranoia, The Matrix alternate realities, Strange Days technophilia and existential adventure Lam is a quiet, shy schoolgirl who gets e-mails from the dead. Initially bewildered by any form of technology ... Read more
A young Innuit boy battles a mysterious monster in Greenland. A poetic and beautiful tale. --- D/S Luc Perez P Marie Bro TD 35mm/2007/11mins ... Read more
This is the legend of India's Ramayana as it has never been retold before. Betrothal, betrayal, exile, kidnapping, demonic torment and the whole heroic cycle unfolds while Sita, in the striking voice of 1920s jazz vocalist Annette Hanshaw, sings the blues.Nina Paley's debut feature deftly ... Read more
A retro-future mash-up of stirring dogfights and austere melodrama. ... Renowned director Mamoru Oshii fuses grand painterly anime with enthralling 3D animation to create a film of jaw-dropping aerial combat and wistful introspection. ... Between WWII-style sky battles, a group of perpetually ... Read more
Snowtime is the sequel to the multi-award winning short animation, Fetch (MIFF 07). --- D/S/P Dana Dorian L Welsh w/English subtitles TD BetaSP/2007/2mins ... Read more
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