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Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space Japan'Riding solo into the cosmos from Cat Earth en route to investigating evil galactic powerhouse Catty & Co.; encountering the Dark God of Death; learning of an epic calamity in which 200,000 kitties met a fiery demise or examining a Hieronymous Bosch-like canvas ... Read more
Premiered at Cannes Film Festival, The Best of Norman McLaren contains 11 of McLaren's most impressive, short, animated films - carefully restored by the National Film Board of Canada and transferred to 35mm film. A master of experimentation (born in 1914, died in 1987), McLaren's work was heavily ... Read more
Two undertakers maintain their solemn countenance in spite of the obstacles confronting them. Australian premiere. --- D/S Smith and Foulkes P/WS Nexus Productions TD DigiBeta/2007/8mins ... Read more
Reisbig brings a unique visual approach to his theme as villagers flee an air-raid. Selected for Annecy 08. (Not in comp). --- D/S Marc Reisbig P/WS Royal College of Art TD BetaSp/2007/6mins ... Read more
Following the success of Tokyo Express 02, Madman Entertainment, Australia's leading distributor of quality anime features and series, have compiled an exclusive programme previewing four pilot episodes of upcoming series: ... Full Metal Panic Teenage Sousuke Sagara's past is a mystery. He's lived ... Read more
Tokyo Express 04 Japan Back for a third huge year! Tokyo Express 04 is an exclusive programme compiled for MIFF by Madman Entertainment, Australia's leading distributor of quality anime. MIFF offers a rare chance to preview four pilot episodes of upcoming series on the big screen.Texhnolyze Deep ... Read more
Strap yourself in! [Tokyo Express 05] is compiled exclusively for MIFF by Madman Entertainment, Australia's leading distributor of anime. It offers a unique chance to preview four pilot episodes of upcoming series! ... [Elfen Lied]: Imprisoned under tight military security, the genetically altered ... Read more
Tokyo Express 06 is a programme curated exclusively for MIFF, once again, by anime fiends Madman Entertainment. This offers a rare chance to preview four key episodes of upcoming series on the big screen. Eureka Seven (dir. Tomoki Kyoda): Renton is a young boy whose life plain sucks... until a ... Read more
A manic and charismatic film that breaks all speed records for whimsy and slapstick. ... Housemates Indian, Cowboy and the love-struck Horse live in a rural town populated with a gaggle of plastic toys, including a hyperactive postman, musical farm animals and pointy-headed bad guys. Their ... Read more
Classy, intelligent and visually complex animation by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, a veteran with at least two of the most internationally successful animes ever to his credit, Wicked City (1989) and Ninja Scroll (1995). ... The enigmatic, Eastwood-like D is one of the few surviving vampires in a dark far ... Read more
A small-town vet deals with life, death and loneliness on his daily rounds. Screened at Stuttgart.---D/S/P Signe Baumane TD DigiBeta/2007/17 mins ... Read more
Wallace and Gromit make a welcome return to the screen in these wonderful new Aardman creations. Wallace, presenting his ten latest inventions, is at his inspired, creative and incompetent best, and the sardonic Gromit is right to be wary. Contraptions include The Bully Proof Vest, The 525 ... Read more
A child befriends a gigantic wolf. Then one day his father goes a-hunting. Australian premiere.---D/S Pierre Luc-Granjon P/WS Nexus Productions TD 35mm/2008/11mins ... Read more
The new millennium. The final battle to decide the fate of humanity is about to take place Kamui Shirou's destiny has already been decided by the time he returns to Tokyo to face the ultimate challenge. The Dragons of Heaven, powerful and benevolent cosmic entities, stand ready to assist in the ... Read more
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