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Apple Pie (Isabelle Favez, 2005)
The delightful tale of a butcher, a baker, a hunter, a dog, a cat, an apple pie and a series of misunderstandings. Simple animation and wicked humour make this a gem. ... ---D/S Isabelle Favez P Rued… Read more

Astronauts (Matthew Walker, 2005)
No matter where your office, there's always an idiot. Two astronauts discover that, in space, no one can hear you scream.---D/S Matthew Walker P Caroline Parsons L English TD 35mm/col/2005/8mins ... Read more

Astronomer, The (Kate McCartney, 2005)
From the respected RMIT Centre for Animation and Interactive Media comes a tale of the challenges of change on the ordered life of a timekeeper. Screened at Annecy Film Festival.---D/S Kate McCartney… Read more

Aww Jeez (Michael Greaney, 2010)
A stop-motion animated sitcom about a slacker named Jesus, his father God and his babysitter Satan, a recovering alcoholic. Special cameo by Richard Dawkins. ... Michael Greaney is a guest of the Fes… Read more

Birth- DRAW ME A STORY (Signe Baumane, 2009)
They aren't found in cabbage patches and they have nothing to do with storks; the truth is much scarier. ... --- D/S Signe Baumane P Pierre Poire WS Signe Baumane TD 35mm/2009 ... Read more

Cat Piano, The (Eddie White and Ari Gibson, 2009)
Nick Cave narrates the tale of a city of singing cats in this latest animation from award-winning studio The People's Republic of Animation. ... --- D Eddie White, Ari Gibson P Jessica Brentnall S Ed… Read more

Chainsaw Maid- DRAW ME A STORY (Takena Nagao , 2007)
All the claymation zombie gore you could wish for, as the ever-faithful sexy maid swaps her broom for a chainsaw. ... --- D/P/S Takena Nagao WS Image Forum L Japanese, English TD HDCAM/2007 ... Read more

Eclosion (Jerome Boulbes, 2006)
Living blocks of stone emerge from an ancient cliff face. In mid-air they begin a strange and rhythmic ritual. A mesmerising, otherworldly vision that vividly brings ‘the intangible' to life.---D/S… Read more

Film Noir (Osbert Parker, 2005)
A fantastic not-so black-and-white chase sequence made of classic film noir moments collaged into a highly imaginative series of stop motion worlds, each collapsing onto the other.---D/P/S Osbert Par… Read more

Footsteps of Water, The (Alireza Darvish, 2006)
A symbolic search reminding us of all that we know and all that we don't know. A story about the quality of every level of life. Screened at Annecy Film Festival.---D/S Alireza Darvish P Carmen Perez… Read more

From gold to grapes the story of landsborough (Al Macinnes, 2006)
In the tradition of 2005 MIFF prizewinner In My Day, local childrens' drawings and local adults' words are brought together to tell the tale of Victorian town Landsborough. Utterly charming.---D/S Al… Read more

Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot (David Chai, 2006)
Bad luck or good luck? It depends on your perspective. After surviving electrocution, moose attack and several runnings over, Fumi discovers a way to turn her curse into everyone else's blessing.---D… Read more

Funny Pets - Black Hole, Photography, Ghost and Flight (Ryuchi Masuda, 2005)
Aliens, Corona and Crescent live as the pets of Betty Boop-style starlet Funny after crash-landing on earth. Despite its sugar-coated look, this series from the creator of Mr Stain on Junk Alley is t… Read more

Get Bizzy (Henry Cruickshank, 2005)
What does it take to succeed as an ‘animation star'? Three out-of-work animated characters envy a friend's success - and animation takes a comical look in the mirror in the process.---D Henry Cruic… Read more

Guide Dog (Bill Plympton, 2006)
An enthusiastic but unqualified hound answers an advertisment for a guide dog and finds the challenge a lot more difficult than expected. A sequel to the Oscar nominated Guard Dog.---D/S Bill Plympyo… Read more

Habitat (Lars Arrhenius, Johannes Müntzing, )
A graphic depiction of inner city living. No matter how desirable one's apartment may be you cannot chose your neighbours.---D/P/S Lars Arrhenius, Johannes Muntzing WS Swedish Film Institute L no dia… Read more

Heavy Heads (Helena Frank, 2010)
A minimalist black comedy about a woman whose only respite from her loneliness and despair is eliciting sexual favours from a housefly. ... D/S Helena Frank P Elisabeth Victoria Poulsen WS The Nation… Read more

Horn OK Please (JOEL SIMON, 2006)
A day in the life of a Mumbai taxi driver and his struggle to save enough to upgrade to an air-conditioned model. The film's title comes from the phrase commonly painted on such vehicles in India. Wo… Read more

In The Round- DRAW ME A STORY (Ana Tiquia, 2008)
A Kafkaesque nightmare of never-ending exits envelopes a woman as she tries to leave her flat. ... --- D/S Ana Tiquia P Paul Fletcher, Robert Stephenson WS VCA School of Film & Television TD betacams… Read more

Invasion (Matt Abbiss, 2005)
Life on a peaceful if rather rain-sodden island is disrupted by an uninvited guest. Commissioned by Channel 4 and directed by 2004 RCA graduate Matt Abbiss.---D/S Matt Abliss P/WS Sherbert L English … Read more

Kubla Khan (Joan C. Gratz, 2011)
Academy Award winning animator Joan C. Gratz (Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase) brings Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famous poem to life with her distinctive 'clay painting' technique. ... D/P Joan C. Gr… Read more

Lost Bag, The (Jean-Luc Greco - Catherine Buffat, 2005)
A man misplaces a bag full of gold but doesn't seem to want it back. His reluctance to reclaim his treasure results in a spectacularly strange chase scene.---D/S Jean-Luc Greco D Catherine Buffat P L… Read more

Miss Remarkable & Her Career (Joanna Rubin Dranger, 2010)
A humorous animated film about inner demons, crushing parental expectations and a career meltdown. It's tough to be a modern woman. ... D/S Joanna Rubin Dranger P Lisbet Gabrielsson, Jeremy Purcell, … Read more

Mite- DRAW ME A STORY (Karl Tebbe, 2008)
Oma Grete's doesn't want to clean, even when her home is taken over by giant dust mites that threaten to destroy the world. ... --- D/S Karl Tebbe P Marjorie Bendeck WS ShortFilmAgency Hamburg L Germ… Read more

Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hazen & Mr. Horlocker (Stefan Muelles, 2006)
A contemporary fable on the butterfly effect, the stress of apartment living and the challenges of modern policing. Won second prize in CINEFONDATION at Cannes and screened at Annecy.--- ... D/S Stef… Read more

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