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A Measure of Color (James Trotter, 1983)
A film about a photographer who is questioning both his artistic choice of subject matter and his environment. ... Read more

Artists at Work (Mary Lance, 1981)
Artists at Work is a documentary on a unique period in American culture: the ... widespread government support for artists during the Depression of the 1930s. ... The film includes statements by seve… Read more

Atomic Artist (Glenn Silber, 1983)
Atomic Artist is a portrait of Tony Price, ... a painter and sculptor who for the last ... fifteen years has been using the salvage ... from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (”Birthplace of the A… Read more

Heureka (Horst Bienek, 1968)
Heureka is a moving sculpture by Jean Tinguely, a Swiss sculptor now living in Paris, whose sculptures in Central Park, New York, have made him world famous. Heureka is his most massive and significa… Read more

One Man Show (Michael Carnill, 1970)
Tony Underhill, the Australian painter, talks about abstract painting. The film shows the opening of his one-man show, also the artist at work and at home. ... Read more

Richard Hamilton (James Scott, 1969)
Richard Hamilton is one of the forerunners of the pop-art movement, whose paintings have long revealed a preoccupation with mass media. ... Hamilton closely collaborated with the making of the film a… Read more

The Art of Claude Lorrain (Dudley Shaw Ashton, 1970)
Born Claude Gelee, in Lorrain in 1600, the painter settled in Rome in 1626 and worked there until his death in 1682. His paintings express certain interlocking conceptions and interests: classical my… Read more

WIND FROM THE EAST (Jean-Luc Godard, 1970)
Made shortly after the Paris riots in 1968, Wind from the East underlines Godard's new approach and his refusal to make so-called commercial films and concentrate only on those that have a revolution… Read more

Yirawala - The Picasso of Arnhemland (Sandra Holmes, 1982)
The poignant story of Yirawala MBE, a tribal man of high degree, who fought to hold back a tidal wave of change, even though he knew some people wanted the money from mining. ... The film shows the m… Read more

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