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After Cook... (Donald Murray, 1969)
Australia: the surfie beach bum, the country school teacher, the suburban home-owner, the drover and the shearer. The Australians young and old, Aussie born or recently arrived, are seen at their spo… Read more

All My Own Work (Ross R. Campbell, 1970)
New approaches in art education are seen in a typical grade four primary classroom. Through a wide variety of activities, and with a sympathetic and understanding teacher, the children grow in confid… Read more

Arts Vietnam, a Protest to Stop the War (Sasha Ivanovich, 1970)
In 1968 artists from all parts of Australia and all fields of endeavour organised a one-week festival through which they expressed their attitudes on the Vietnam war. ... Alan Stout Award, Australian… Read more

Birth (Jim White, 1965)
Viewers of this film are privileged to share in the unique experience of emotional unity of a married couple who remain together during the birth of their child. ... Special Mention, Australian Film … Read more

Bullocky (Richard Mitchell, 1969)
Vic, Deaves, a fourth generation bush-man and one of the few remaining "bullockies”, has spent his life entirely in the bush, in an area ... with a diameter of no more than ten miles. The film stud… Read more

Earth Message (Arthur Cantrill, 1970)
A study of the early winter landscape of the hills and bush around Canberra, using multiple super impositions of images. ... Silver Award, Alan Stout Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

Faces in the Sun (Cecil Holmes, 1965)
The tensions set up by conflicting old and new ways, and by the pressures of assimilation are illustrated by the stories of four Aborigines. ... Read more

Lagged - The Story of a Convict (John Clark, Henrietta Clark, 1969)
The story of a young convict lad: his life in London during the late 18th century his transportation to New South Wales, and his life in the new colony. ... Silver Award. Australian Film Awards 1969 ... Read more

Paradise in the Sun (John Gray, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

She's a Grouse Game (Rod Kinnear, 1970)
Using hidden camera techniques and synchronous sound recording, the film presents an Australian Rules football game exclusively in terms of the reactions of the watching crowd. ... Bronze Award, Alan… Read more

Symphony in Steel (William Carty, 1970)
An impressionistic film about steel production at B.H.P. Australia. ... Golden Reel Award. Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

The Capricorn Contract (Edwin Scragg, 1969)
For the first time entirely new rail welding and track laying techniques were used to construct the heaviest railroad ever laid in Australia. It runs through 265 miles of forbidding country on the Tr… Read more

The Gallery (Philip Mark Law, 1970)
A subjective look at the new National Gallery of Melbourne: the building, the objets d'art, the visitors… ... Read more

The Line (Christopher McGill, 1970)
A train makes its first crossing on the new standard gauge Indian Pacific Line, linking Sydney with Perth. Conventional narration is replaced by a montage of natural sound and folk music, and the vie… Read more

The Pictures That Moved (Alan Anderson, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Shape of Quality (Fred Schepisi, 1965)
The manufacture of the body, and the assembly of the complete Volkswagen, is shown in this film which is distinguished by complex camera work and striking colour effects. ... Silver Award, Public Rel… Read more

The Skin Game (Fred Schepisi, 1969)
An advertising film, presenting a long-established product in new-style marketing terms. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

The Theme of an Abstract (Adrian Heinze, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

THREE TO GO - Judy (Brian Hannant, 1970)
Judy is leaving her home in a large country town to work in the city, and the film covers the last few weeks prior to her departure. ... Read more

THREE TO GO - Michael (Peter Weir, 1970)
Should Michael follow the straight and narrow path of conformity, or listen to the prophets of change and revolution? The question is: in which world does Michael belong? ... This episode won the Gra… Read more

THREE TO GO - Toula (Oliver Howes, 1970)
Toula, a Greek girl, tries to live like her Australian friends, despite opposition from her parents. ... Three To Go received a Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

Wildcat Country (Keith Hounslow, 1970)
An impression of offshore oil operations in a desolate area. ... Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970: Second Prize, Captain Cook Bi-Centenary Film Awards, 1970 ... Read more

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