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OPAL DREAM (Peter Cattaneo, 2005)
Australian Premiere ... Recently opening Berlin Film Festival's Kinderfest, Opal Dream plays to the inner child in all of us; an innocent look at an extraordinary event in the ordinary mining town of… Read more

ORANGE LOVE STORY (Tom Cowan, 2004)
Orange Love Story AustraliaWearing its heart and intentions very much on its sleeve, this raw and utterly unique new Australian film is a labour of love for cinematographer and director Tom Cowan.In … Read more

Chris Doyle is an Australian expatriate cinematographer who left Australia in the 1970s and has been based in Hong Kong for the last 20 years. He is best known for his cinematography in Wong Kar-Wai'… Read more

ORIGINAL SCHTICK (Maciej Wszelaki, 1999)
Meet Robert (Bob) Fischer... and then wish you never had. This rivetting expose of the art world and celebrity follows an American (con) artist on his forest fire tour of Melbourne. Bob, a colourfull… Read more

P.I.N.S. (Garth Davis, 2000)
Parking Infringement Notification System or Pricks In Nerdy Suits: these are the two possible explanations offered for the acronym of the title by director Garth Davis. His profile of three Melbourne… Read more

PAINTING COUNTRY (Sally Ingleton, 2000)
Painting Country follows a journey by ten of Australia's most famous indigenous artists, from their community of Balgo in remote North West Australia back to their traditional country. The Balgo arti… Read more

Mark Chopper' Read ran a racket in Pentridge whereby he sold people their left leg. Pay up, and you get to keep it! Chopper joins author Ray Mooney {Everynight, Everynight, MIFF 1994) and a collectio… Read more

PERSONS OF INTEREST Part 1 (Haydn Keenan, 2013)
There is one kind of history they teach you in school and another which tells how things really happened. ASIO's files reveal how things really happened in Australia. ... Since 1949, ASIO has opened … Read more

PERSONS OF INTEREST PART 2 (Haydn Keenan, 2013)
These are the stories of ordinary people swept into ASIO's secret war on subversion and dissent. ... In this second session of Persons of Interest, Frank Hardy's son Alan looks through his father's A… Read more

PETERSEN (Tim Burstall, 2004)
Petersen Australia ... Following the success of Stork and Alvin Purple Tim Burtsall struck gold again in 1974 with Petersen. Working from David Williamson's script Burstall brought to the screen, as … Read more

Peter Weir's film adaptation of Joan Lindsay's classic, largely faithful to the original novel, describes the collapse of a rural Victorian boarding college following the mysterious disappearance of … Read more

PRESERVATION (Sofya Gollan, 2003)
Jacqueline McKenzie (Angel Baby) is Daphne, a single woman living in Sydney in the 1890s, who runs a taxidermy service, inherited from her late father. Unable to accept his passing, she frequents a '… Read more

PROFITS OF PUNISHMENT (Catherine Scott, 2000)
Profits of Punishments is a documentary that takes the viewer on a bizarre road-trip through the US heartland, offering a unique insight into the style and manner in which correctional facilities hav… Read more

PURE SHIT (Bert Deling, 2004)
Pure Shit AustraliaGet set for an Aussie cult classic. Set over a frantic 24 hours, Pure Shit follows the lives of four junkies out to score some heroin on the streets of Melbourne, in any way they c… Read more

A harrowing true story, sparked by a news headline, that challenges viewers on many levels, Rainbow Bird and Monster Man relates the traumatic childhood and tragic adulthood of Tony Lock. After suffe… Read more

RAMPAGE (George Gittoes, 2005)
When a marine said, “We're more likely to get shot at in Miami than in Baghdad” in George Gittoes' powerful Soundtrack to War, he planted the seeds for this next project, Rampage. ... A stark and… Read more

Rash (Nicholas Hansen, 2005)
[Rash] goes inside Melbourne's legendary street-art scene to meet the characters driving art on urban walls. Exploring the recent explosion of this alternative art practice, the documentary delves in… Read more

RATS AND CATS (Tony Rogers, 2006)
A TV journalist goes in search of a fallen idol and finds a modern-day Errol Flynn in this dark, satirical and laconic work that makes light of the ups and downs of stardom. Actor Darren McWarren app… Read more

RAUL THE TERRIBLE (David Bradbury, 2005)
“He said ‘I have been in jail for four years in the last decade, I am not going to go to jail for eight or 10 years for the simple crime of asking for food for the poor'. I found it quite inspiri… Read more

RED DOG (PG) (Kriv Stenders, 2010)
From one of Australia's greatest filmmakers, Kriv Stenders (Boxing Day, MIFF 2007; Blacktown, MIFF 2005), comes the heartwarming tale of an Australian country town and the dog it loved. ... In Dampie… Read more

RED OBSESSION (David Roach,Warwick Ross, 2013)
"This is the best documentary film on a wine subject in many years … Even if you have no interest in wine see this movie for what it says about power, wealth and vanity." – Stuart P… Read more

REDBALL (Jon Hewitt, 1998)
Blasting from the screen like the cinematic progeny of some unholy union between Lars Von Trier and Abel Ferrara, here is uncompromising Australian 'underground' filmmaking at its very best - an in-y… Read more

remarkable mr. kaye, the (Paul Cox, 2005)
[The Remarkable Mr Kaye] is a portrait - a "blatantly biased portrait" - by filmmaker Paul Cox of Norman Kaye, actor, musician and passionate lover of life. ... Norman Kaye and Paul Cox first met in … Read more

ROCKET, The (Kim Mordaunt, 2013)
"A lush and bruising coming-of-age story." – Screen Daily ... Fathers, sons and fireworks sit at the centre of The Rocket, the tale of a seemingly cursed Laotian youngster beset by misfort… Read more

ROY HÖLLSDOTTER LIVE (Matthew Saville, 2002)
Melbourne stand-up comic Roy Hollsdotter is enjoying popularity, regular bookings and plenty of laughs. His routines leave the crowds rolling on beer-splashed carpet at his weekly gig but his private… Read more

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