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Australian Super-8 Programme

......of Everything (Gary Warner, 1987)
This film is not a film, this film is film. It is for its moment extreme and relentless, a stuttering excess of electro-hokey knee bending, shrieking and clamouring in the dark to be heard above the … Read more

35 Summers (Mark Titmarsh, 1988)
With a certain cynicism and lack of modesty I offer to you the story of the wanderer and his shadow. Not a Diary Film since the events depicted are filled with symbolism, error, vagueness and lies. R… Read more

Damsell in Disdress (Sharon Shostak, 1987)
Which dress addresses the occasion for this damsel? ... Read more

Embrace (Bill Mousoulis, 1988)
"In the explosive point of contact between what the star actually projects, and what the fan longingly invests, a soul is born" -Adrian Martin ... "Confessions of a Mask" Cinema Papers March '88 ... Read more

Flower Animation 2 (Nick Ostrovskis, 1988)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Lift Off 1887 (Maj Green, Ewan Cameron, 1987)
Science fiction comedy first and best aviation pilots - Dr Cronic and his offsider Dribbler - Never seen on T.V. Dr Cronic - Ewan Cameron and Dribbler - Jim Hammerly ... Read more

Milk and a Cup of Tea (Ester Haskell, 1988)
Sort of green and hot and sticky with plenty of bush tucker. Two white fellas end up amongst the tropical languidity of Melville Island. They learn, as Momma Blanche says "You mob got no dirty, filth… Read more

Mr. Benevolent (Chris Windmill, 1988)
The biography of Alan Bond is told by three of his admirers. Stars: Greg Fleet, Anthony Morgan ... Read more

Private Island (Mark La Rosa, 1987)
35 Summers & Private Island are to be screened with Heart, Beating in the Dark ... Read more

Simptoons: The Movie (Kym Sansovini, 1986)
A sort of Dogs In Space, Simptoons, The Movie recounts the experiences of a group of artists sharing a dwelling as told through the eyes of one of the house cats. My first animated cartoon. ... Read more

T.V. Reporter (Ian Haig, 1987)
Looking at different spatial relationships in the presentation of the news and where/how we locate ourselves in relation to the presenter, interviewee, reporter etc... ... Read more

White Woman (Anne-Marie Crawford, 1988)
She hides in little cracks. She is able to get herself in behind the edges of doors. She can squeeze herself into these maze-like crevices and go in and in, further and further inside so that no-one … Read more

Wire (Mark Freeman, 1987)
A short gush from Chelgo Fronx. The whole thing is held together by wire. ... Read more

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