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Children's Film Festival

25 Ways to Quit Smoking (Bill Plympton, )
Black comic "instructional guide", with 25 step-by-step examples of how each method works. ... Read more

A Frog He Would A Wooing Go (Tami Sloan-Tsark, 1990)
A delightful children's animation illustrating the traditional poem, "A Frog he would a wooing go, whether his mother would let him or no..." ... Read more

ASIFA Children's Film (various, )
Made by children from 8 countries. ... Read more

Bicycle Ladies (Julie Haras, 1990)
Set in Victorian times, this is a whimsical and magical account of one woman's struggle to overcome society's attitudes and ride a bicycle. ... Read more

BYE BYE RED RIDING HOOD (Marta Meszaros, 1988)
A modern re-telling of the childhood classic about Fanny, who has lived in the forest with her meteorologist mother ever since she was a little girl. One day on the way to visit her grandmother and g… Read more

Capital P (Stephen Barnes, 1991)
A small boy wakes in the night needing to pee but is afraid to go to the bathroom... ... Read more

Confessions of a Simple Surgeon (, 1988)
A humorous yet hard hitting presentation of the health risks associated with smoking, together with an examination of the role of tobacco advertising in recruiting young smokers Its message to viewer… Read more

DOOMBEACH (Colin , 1990)
The Children's Film Unit gives children the chance to learn filmmaking skills. Doombeach began with an improvisation based from some recent news items. ... While his mother is having a baby, a social… Read more

GEORGE'S ISLAND (Paul Donovan, 1989)
Inspired by ghost stories of Nova Scotia, this is the tale of George, an orphan, who lives with his grandfather, a grumpy and sometimes tipsy old sea captain, who dreams of discovering hidden treasur… Read more

Get Real (Nicola Woolmington, 1990)
George is a fifteen year old addicted to junk food, videos, truancy and general slothfulness. He is a concern to his teachers, a joke to his classmates and the seat of high hopes to his devoted Greek… Read more

HARD ROAD (Colin Finbrow, 1990)
Kelly is 13, bored with her working class parents and jobless future, and a regular caller to Childline, where she invents tales of terrible things which never happen to her at home. ... Max is also … Read more

High Flyer (Erik de Goederen, 1990)
It's Emiel's 10th birthday. He doesn't feel like celebrating, so he hides away in his tree house. His parents try to persuade him to come down but the situation escapes them.. ... Read more

Le Bechose (Samuel Zlatoff, 1990)
Two boys receive a free gift in a gum packet, a powder that says 'add water'. At home one of them adds water and the result is a fast growing blue creature...but what is it? ... Read more

Life's Great Adventure (Luis Da Silva, 1990)
Howard thought it was just like any old arcade game. He was wrong. Dead wrong. He receives a token and instructions to go to a certain house and that is where a life and death game begins. ... Read more

MY FATHER LIVES IN RIO (Ben Sombogaart, 1988)
Nine year old Liesje lives with her mother and writes letters to her father, who she believes lives in Rio de Janeiro, but who is actually in prison. Liesje wants to visit him in Rio and she saves up… Read more

Myths and Legends (Dana Rayson, 1990)
When the magical world of two young boys and the junkyard where they share games and stories and hunt for lost treasure is disrupted by a gang of bullies, the boys call on a mythical creature, the Gu… Read more

NEXT OF KIN (Atom Egoyan, 1984)
Canadian 'wunderkind' Atom Egoyan, a guest at last year's MFF with his breakthrough film Family Viewing, made his first feature in 1984. Invited for last year's festival but lost en-route from Cannes… Read more

Pancake (Alan Clayton, 1989)
Family pancake making never was so crazy. First a pancake gets stuck on the ceiling then it gets stuck on a kid's head. The doctor's eat it off. ... Read more

Pencil Dance (Chris Casady, 1990)
Abstract pencil animation to a funky rhythmic beat. ... Read more

Poumse (Mikhail Aldashin, 1988)
A sailor arrives on a desert island and barters with the local natives, to sell them Western garments instead of their traditional skins, bones and shells . When they have all gone home, the animals … Read more

Puppenhead (David Cox, 1990)
A Berlin puppet maker. Goethe, takes his clockwork puppet knife throwing act to New York. It is 1934 and a Nazi spy is watching him. ... Read more

Quinoscopio #2 (Juan Padron, )
A light-hearted Cuban Animation. ... Read more

Rarg (Tony Collingwood, 1988)
Rarg is a perfect place So perfect that the sun will not rise until everyone is awake In Rarg there is a story of a Senator, a professor, forty intelligent babies and a man called Edwin To say any mo… Read more

Rodney and Juliet (Fane Flaws, 1990)
The most pathetic love story ever (re-)told. Rodney still loves Juliet, Juliet wants him dead... ... Read more

Sadako and the Thousand Cranes (George Leveson, 1990)
Based on the true story of Sadako, who was born in Hiroshima after the Atomic bomb and developed leukaemia. In Japanese mythology, by folding 1000 origami paper cranes a wish will come true. Sadako f… Read more

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