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Defying the Times: Activism on Film

"Possesses energy, passion … cataloguing the financial crimes, police misconduct, economic disparity and constitutional crises of the past several years makes for an emotional experience." – Variety ... In the late summer of 2011, a social uprising started in Zuccotti Park, near ... Read more
"A fascinating slice out of a turbulent time in American history." – Indiewire ... This gripping feature documentary chronicles how Angela Davis, a young UCLA philosophy lecturer, became one of the world's legendary black radical activists. Pivoting around Davis' involvement in an ... Read more
The inside story of the fight against one of the world's biggest mining developments. ... In 2008 a consortium of miners and politicians decided to build the world's second biggest natural gas plant in Broome, trampling over the concerns of residents, environmentalists and traditional owners alike ... Read more
There are about 1.5 billion people living without electricity worldwide. Of these, 400 million people live in India. – World Energy Outlook ... Kanpur, an industrial town of three million-plus, is the image of a modern dystopia: crumbling infrastructure, poverty, pollution and rolling ... Read more
"Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it." – Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky ... In February 2012, five women wearing brightly coloured balaclavas rushed the altar of a Moscow Russian Orthodox Cathedral with microphones, speakers and a guitar and ... Read more
"The film works all at once as a lament, a celebration and a wake-up call to modern politicians and voters." – Time Out London ... Focusing on the pivotal post-WWII era in British history, Ken Loach's first feature-length documentary since 1998's The Flickering Flame is a timely ... Read more
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