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After the Flood (Bettina Lerner, 1994)
The Mississippi is one of the most rigorously controlled and engineered rivers in the world, yet in the summer of 1993 it suffered the worst flooding in its history. Fundamental questions are now bei… Read more

Crash 2030 - The Anatomy of a Catastrophe (Joachim Faustich, 1994)
It is not Germany in 1945, but the year 2030. Dead forests stretch from the Alps to the North Sea, devastating floods inundate the coastal towns. In the summer months the Rhine is a parched river bed… Read more

Deadly Deposits (Jay Falconer, 1992)
A pathological detective story where the culprit is either the victim's vindictive wife, environmental pollution or...? ... Read more

Imagine a house that heats and cools itself and filters its own air. Or a future where raw sewer­age is treated through a combination of pools containing fish and plants. In this engrossing tour … Read more

FRESH KILL (Shu Lea Cheang, 1994)
The film is a melting pot of post-post-modernists elements, its boiling plot set in a New York City of the near Future. A couple, Shareen (Sarita Choudhury - Mississippi Masala) and Claire, are raisi… Read more

KANEHSATAKE: 270 YEARS OF RESISTANCE (Alanis Obomsawin, 1993)
Kanehsatake: 270 Years Of Resistance (Winner of Best Canadian Feature Award 1993 Toronto Film Festival) provides searing images for the standoff between the Mohawks of Kanehsatake and the forces of t… Read more

Lemming Aid (Grant Lahood, 1994)
Human nature collides with Mother Nature - literally. On a clifftop somewhere in Scandinavia, a group of zealous activists prepare to take a stand. Their misguided mission: to stop a crazed horde of … Read more

Museum (Jeanne Brown, 1992)
Artistically splendid depiction of the natural coastal environment on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. ... Read more

NOAH'S ARK 2150 (Vivianne Howard, 1994)
More money is now spent on video games in a month that on zoos in a year. For the zoo industry it is a sharp reminder that revolution is around the corner. As we head towards the 21 st century zoos f… Read more

Picture a group of schoolchildren eating their lunch around a table. Within seconds a cloud of thick white smoke (DDT) engulfs them. Some of the images in this film will rock the sensibilities of the… Read more

TAXI TO TIMBUKTU (Christopher Walker, 1994)
From the streets of Manhattan to the edge of the Sahara, the story of Alpha Gassama and his family is the story of Africa and the world at the end of the 20th Century. "Where are you from?"asks a far… Read more

The Legacy of Malthus (Ms Deepa Dhanraj, 1994)
In the nineteenth century Scottish Highland clearances peasant farmers were evicted from their land and then accused of being feckless and irresponsible for being unable to feed their families. The s… Read more

The Message (Robert Amram, 1994)
In 1854 the United States government made an offer to buy the Indian lands around the area of what is now Seattle. The leader of the Duwamish nation didn't understand the offer because his people had… Read more

The Story of Rosy Dock (Jeannie Baker, 1995)
The beautiful imagery of artist Jeannie Baker ani­mates The Story of Rosy Dock, the tale of an elderly woman who sets up home in the central Aus­tralian desert. In her attempt to recreate the… Read more

THE TREE OF OUR FOREFATHERS (Licinio Azevedo, 1994)
One extended family group made refugees by the war in Mozambique, make a gruelling three week journey to their traditional lands. Set to a soundtrack of authentic African rhythms, this is a beautiful… Read more

TRIANGLE OF LIFE (Jeni Kendell, 1993)
The residents of this Samoan Island are forced into a choice between building a school and preserving the Island's rainforest. Often these pristine eco-systcms are the only economic resource the vill… Read more

WILD (Ross Gibson, 1993)
Wild focuses on the stories and legends of one tract of land, the Pilliga Forest in northwest New South Wales. How do the dynamic processes of history and ecology work to produce meanings, warnings a… Read more

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