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European experiment

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Golgotha (Grapjos de Hert, Robbe de Hert, 1968)
A little man with a cross crusades his way through contemporary society. ... Grand Prix (shared) 1968, Oberhausen. ... Read more

Bluebeard's Last Wife (John Stoddart, 1966)
Animated photographs, a three-dimensional room design, a world of fantasy. ... Read more

Homo Ludens (A O Karlung, 1968)
A tirade of images, a barrage of animated etchings and artifacts for and against " the American way". ... Read more

She is Like a Rainbow (Anton Kothuys, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Great Temptation of the Pink Elephant (Grapjos de Hert, Robbe de Hert, 1969)
Made for the opening of last year's Oberhausen Short Film' Festival, this brief joke represents the problems of I969 as seen by the brothers de Hert. The punch line refers to the banning of a stage p… Read more

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