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10 Nights' Dreams (Keiichi Tanaami, Aihara Nobuhiro, )
MIFF has brought together the amazing and imaginative works by Image Forum, Japan. Exclusive to MIFF, these short films are at the epicentre of experimental filmmaking in a range of styles. [The Trai… Read more

18,000 Dead in Gordon Head (Clive Holden, 2002)
Fact: The average American youth has experienced 18,000 television murders by the age of 16. Using a relentless draining array of repeating imagery as backdrop, Holden recounts, in macho beat mode, h… Read more

19 (Christopher Hills-Wright, 2002)
An observation of the media frenzy surrounding the events that took place in America on September 11, 2001. This short but provocative film may simply perpetuate the myths of mainstream media but per… Read more

224 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1987)
An abstract film containing a meditation of photographs from the filmmakers past ... Read more

28 (Greg Sax, 1997)
A kind of alternative Eden where nature can be cultivated and an encounter can take your breath away, the romanticised paradise at the centre of 28 contrasts with the urban interior loft apartment se… Read more

90% Yield Before Breakage (Teresa Blake, Margie Medlin, Daniel Witton, 1997)
A dance film with a different angle. Snappy editing, witty and pointed sound design, athletic performances and dramatic lighting enhance this inventive and joyous celebration of power and delicacy, g… Read more

99 Clerkenwell Road (Sophie Michael, 2010)
The remaining features of an empty shop are choreographed to make a kaleidoscopic light film. Depth and scale constantly shift, and the camera mixes colours blindly as exposures multiply. ... Not in … Read more

A Dreamer #1 (Melanie El Mir, 1995)
In contrast to Peh's film Meianie El Mirs adap­tion of Barbara Baynton's thunderously symbol­ist and psychologically dramatic story 1907 story adopts a narrative form but it is in her very pa… Read more

A Dreamer #2 (Ooni Peh, 1995)
In this film from the Bush Studies project Peh conjours an ambient reading of Barbara Bayn­ton s 1907 neo Gothic short story. Perceived through a misty gauze in grainy black and white and a tinny… Read more

A Herd Lost in the Red Wood (Sebastian Dellers, 1992)
Take a thousand-and-one images and double them, layer them one over the other, add ani­mation, pixillation, shock and tenderness. Refer to red. Analyze the subliminal and sub­limely forget th… Read more

A Lucia (Julia Anna Lazarus, 2001)
Fusing the sublime and the anarchic, through images of mountain ranges and an inexplicable road accident, this film's slow motion and grainy images concentrate the senses. A crackling soundtrack supp… Read more

A Man That Sink His Head (Adam Smoczynski, 2002)
With the playful combination of 3,500 images taken on separate pinhole cameras and a dissonantly commanding soundtrack, A Man That Sink His Head manages to dive onto the screen with an irrepressibly … Read more

A Passion Play (Tony Twigg, 1991)
This first film (the only Australian short film to be invited to Cannes this year) by visual artist Tony Twigg, is a highly structured piece which uses basic animation techniques to set up a change i… Read more

A Temporary Arrangement (Phillip Barker, 1995)
An eerie and unusual film A Temporary Arrangement recreates the atmosphere found in a late 50's and 60's B&W horror film. A screen split into nine parts presents different elements of a face shot ove… Read more

Absurd (John Maybury, 1990)
John Maybury, rock clip maestro and assistant to Derek Jarman, embellishes an aromatic New Wave lyric with a ribbon of suggestive icons linking minotaurs, supermarket punks and jock strapped angels. … Read more

Age 12: Love With a Little L (Jennifer Montgomery, 1991)
A home movie for Bad Girls, reconstructing 12 year old lesbian lust and loyalty wars. Alternating between biography and kinky situations, Montgomery defines a lesbian identity that's playful, aggress… Read more

Amadea Fragment (Celine me Ait-Manna, 2001)
A single tracking shot of a woman walking along a jetty is ruptured by a random act of violence which is unexpectedly countenanced by a random act of laughter! A sinister little etude, Amadea Fragmen… Read more

Amelia Rose Towers (Jackie Farkas, 1992)
Amelia Rose Towers — whose initials spell ART — faces off against an adversary whose initials spell MAN, after passmg through sur­realist chambers and screens offering images of a per… Read more

An Ordinary Woman (Sue Brooks, 1989)
In the process of (representing an ordinary woman's life, this film explores questions of identity, representation and truth. In paying homage to the small moment, the snapshot, the ordinary; the fil… Read more

Anemone Me (Susan-Lori Parks, Bruce Hainley, 1990)
Lauded young New York playwright Suzan-Lori Parks wrote and directed this allegorical mood piece about a blind bodybuilder and the handsome merman that inhabits the ocean near his African American fa… Read more

Angus (Nick Moore & Ann Nolan, 2002)
Presented as the 'found frames of an alter-ego losing the key', Angus is a humorous video that uses grating repetition and a techno soundtrack to dissect and intensify an everyday experience of idiot… Read more

Another Occupation (Ken Jacobs, 2011)
Underground filmmaker Ken Jacobs (Capitalism: Slavery, MIFF 2008) explores colonialism and industrialisation via an imagined train journey through a militarised Southeast Asian country. ... D/P Ken J… Read more

Apple Blossom (Lee Smith, 2001)
Apple Blossom is a lavish proliferation of colour, texture and shape Painting scratching and drawing directly onto found 35mm footage creates a lively visual rhythm where the photo­graphic image … Read more

Arc of Descent (Geoffrey Weary, 2001)
Framed largely by the grim machinery of war and the flames of destruction, this moving collage of found and new footage travels the fatal path of kamikaze pilots in World War II. and offers up the po… Read more

Arcana (Henry Hills, 2011)
Henry Hills (Porter Springs 4, MIFF 99) directs this visually and acoustically arresting cut-up epic that combines a wide variety of footage - both found and shot by the filmmaker - underscored with … Read more

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