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... These Blazeing Starrs! (Deborah Stratman, 2011)
Sketches and illustrations of comet sightings throughout the ages are presented alongside NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory footage. ... D/P Deborah Stratman WS Pythagoras Films TD 16mm/2011 ... Read more

911 Rio (F.K. Flumen, 2005)
Like some sample to take back life from disaster. ... --- ... D/S F.K Flumen P Marians Agular L no dialogue TD Video/col/2005/3mins ... Read more

Afraid So (Jay Rosenblatt, 2006)
Underneath a lot of anxiety is one's worst fear. Afraid So is about that anxiety. It is based on a poem where each line forms a question with the implied being ""Afraid so."" Impending doom permeates… Read more

Beta Test (George Drivas, 2006)
Reported through a series of surveillance stills reminiscent of Marker's La Jetée, two subjects interact in an emptied Berlin cityscape. A post-apocalyptic elegy to 60s architectural drawings.---D/S… Read more

Bow Tie Duty for Square Heads (Stephan-Flint Muller, 2005)
An anarchic mix of juvenile delinquency, comic genius and erratic humour. Winner of the Audience Award and Special Jury Distinction at Annecy Film Festival 2005.---D/P/S Stephan-Flint Muller L German… Read more

Brothers, Let Us Be Merry (Ulrich Seidl, 2006)
"Brothers, let us be merry, bravely defy your troubles." So advises the slave's song in Mozart's Zaide while two men sit and stare, grimly determined to fulfil cinema's scopophilic potential.--- D/P/… Read more

Carpet Burn (David Short, 2011)
David Short (Kitchen Horror, 2010) finds horror the everyday. This time carpet fibres generate a nightmarish experience. David Short is a guest of the Festival. ... D/P David Short L no dialogue TD d… Read more

Cross Tie (Joel Pizzini, 2005)
A portrait of place: trains, artificial light, time and memory give form to forces that drift amidst the darkness of the daily journey. ---D/S Joel Pizzini P Robson Rumin, Paloma Cinematogárfica WS … Read more

Dig (Bridget Walker, 2005)
Dig is a lovingly hand-wrought ethnographic, historical, animated, live-action evocation of an industry, some people, a place and the humble potato. ---D/S Bridget Walker P Paul Fletcher, Robert Step… Read more

Disquiet (SJ. Ramir, 2011)
The passage of an anonymous figure through a remote and desolate geographical environment becomes a metaphysical journey through landscapes of the mind. S.J. Ramir is a guest of the Festival. ... D/P… Read more

Emotional Content (David Blandy, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

Endeavour (Johann Lurf, 2010)
A rhythmic sound and image montage of a space shuttle launch, giving the audience the sensation of flight. New film from MIFF regular Johann Lurf. ... D/P/S Johann Lurf WS SixPackFilm L No dialogue T… Read more

Last Supper (Johannes Hammel, 2005)
Before long, the unknown families' outings and coffee klatches, documented in the original home movies for themselves and thier children, will no longer be recognisable. In the same way as the memori… Read more

Mississippi (Arash T. Riahi, 2005)
Water's spray is captured in the flash of hi-speed digital freeze-frames. Like a good mantra, such a chant of form eventually reveals itself as something else entirely.---D/S Arash T Riahi P Golden G… Read more

Nachtstuck (Peter Tscherkassky, 2006)
Informed by Mozart's ""Eine kleine Nachtmusik"", there is a charged passion embedded in the material surface of this film, creating a "physical cinema".---D/P/S Peter Tscherkassky WS sixpackfilm L no… Read more

Pastourelle (Nathaniel Dorsky, 2010)
Silent, mesmerising and beautiful, this short was inspired by the pastourelle lyric form, which originated with the troubadour poets of the 12th century. ... D/P Nathaniel Dorsky WS Canyon Cinema L n… Read more

Slant (Karo Golot, 2004)
Both fundamental values of the source image, two red stripes and a bright white foundation which supports them, expose only themselves for some time, accompanied by impassioned polyphonic singing...-… Read more

Slave Ship (T. Marie, 2010)
JMW Turner's provocative 1840 painting The Slave Ship is re-imagined in this abstrac pixel painting-film. ... D/P T. Marie TD HD Cam/2010 ... Read more

Slow Action (Ben Rivers, 2011)
A combination of documentary, ethnographic study, travelogue and science fiction, Slow Action is a study of an imagined post-apocalyptic society. By Ben Rivers (MIFF 2008). ... D Ben Rivers WS LUX TD… Read more

Stardust (Nicolas Provost, 2010)
Tourists and celebrities are unknowingly part of a Las Vegas crime thriller by Nicholas Provost (Long Live The New Flesh, MIFF 2010 Best Experimental Short Film). ... D/P/S Nicolas Provost WS Argos C… Read more

Tasmanian Splintering (Richard Tuohy, 2010)
MIFF regular Richard Tuohy continues his exploration of textures found in the Australian bush through a series of overlapping images of tree branches. Richard Tuohy is a guest of the Festival. ... D/… Read more

Te Hran Trace (Stuart Pound, 2005)
Pan and scan into, around and through moments in time and place. Tehran Trace is a speculative work that rewards the potenitally transcendent art of looking.---D/P/S Stuart Pound L English TD video/c… Read more

The Temple (Joanna Vasquez Arong, 2005)
"I am living a Balzacian life". Dirty dishes, champagne, Beijing nights and gun play. Bold editing creates an unsettling portrait of a foreigner in China.---D/P/S Joanna Vasquez Arong L English, Mand… Read more

Tokyo - Ebisu (Tomonari Nishikawa, 2010)
In-camera visual effects create a series of composite images to represent the view from ten platforms along the busy Yamanote train line in Japan. ... D/P Tomonari Nishikawa L no dialogue TD 16mm/2010 Read more

Trypps #7 (Badlands) (Ben Russell, 2010)
A young woman's psychedelic experience in Badlands National Park forms the basis of Ben Russell's (MIFF 2008, 2010) exploration of cinema and transcendence. ... D/P Ben Russell L no dialogue TD HD CA… Read more

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