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(S)truth: Metric Time (Michelle Warner, 2003)
Made in 1994, this French Government video was intended for distribution amongst Foreign Affairs Departments in English-speaking countries. It reveals how the French Department of the Interior propos… Read more

1 - 1 (Natalia Koryncka, 1986)
A gritty portrayal of a young Polish couple's lifestyle. An alarm clock heralds their shift work and their inability to spend time with one another ... Read more

1001 Suburban Nights (Spiro Economopoulos, 1992)
A suburban encounter and a mutual need for companionship lead to a re-telling of the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. Eerily distant images force words back into the prominence they once held in the day… Read more

101 Things You Wish She Hadn’t Said (Andy Humphries, 2000)
Saffron invites her new boyfriend to live with her— and her de facto. In this Birmingham love triangle, messages are mixed and no one ever reacts in quite the way they're meant to. Strong perfo… Read more

13 (Gert Embrechts, 1998)
Magdalena believes she has been called by God to have 13 daughters all bom on the same day. News of these miracle births spreads each year, but just as Magalena's work is almost done, God seems to ch… Read more

15’ Metromania (Bart van den Bempt, 2001)
A visually clever and witty comedy about a young mans tentative first steps into adulthood Bernd Meys' first day as a security officer with the Underground Tram Network is complicated by the old gang… Read more

17 Years to Earth (Perry Lin, 1997)
17 Years to Earth takes us on a journey through a young girl's diary. She writes about a perfect life full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, none of it is true. Director Perry Lin handles this st… Read more

50% Absolut (Igor Bauersima, 1995)
50% Absolut is the story of a couple walking home from a night at a pub. She is scared of heights and wants to be accompanied over the high bridge. He is in love with her and wants everything, and he… Read more

62 Sleeps (Erin White, )
Capturing a moment in time, this is a poignant film about a young girl yearning for her absent father. Erin White's 62 Sleeps is wonderfully understated and deeply affecting, with Beatrice Bradley as… Read more

81 (Stephen Burke, 1996)
A French television crew arrives in Belfast in 1981 to cover the hunger strike of Bobby Sands. The television crew focus on two working class families (one Protestant family and the other Catholic), … Read more

8849m (Go Young-min, 2001)
After his climbing partner dies, a tenacious mountaineer finally reaches the summit. But who is going to take his photo to prove it? Shot entirely on location at high altitude, 8849m is funny, ironic… Read more

A Bit of Tiff With the Lord (Peter Duncan, 1994)
A young priest returns from Rome to attend his mother's funeral. His father has been bothered by the angels and finds his son's inability to explain things frustrating: "You left me and your mother t… Read more

A Border Crossing (Rebecca Taggart, Chris Emmanouilides, 1989)
The odyssey of an incidental tourist on the way to becoming another accidental tourist. Concisely and freshly combines elements of the road movie, the home movie, the newsreel and the travelogue. ... Read more

A Broken Horse (Michael Cahill, 1990)
One Halloween night, Jank Rottweiller asks his old friend Fred to drive him to his father's house in the country. As miles pass, Jank leaves all reason behind him, dragging Fred along. By the time th… Read more

A Christmas Box (Chris Lydall, 1994)
The spirit of commercialism pervades this Christmas Eve. In a busy bottle-shop, the tireless sales assistant quietly serves alcoholic solace to the cheerless customers. The menial work and her unfrie… Read more

A Day and a Half (Michael Karris, 1987)
Playing like the first third of a feature film, A Day and a Half carefully observes the inter-relations between a family through the eyes of an 11 year old girl. ... Former AFTRS student Michael Karr… Read more

A Decent Bloke (Andrew Narozny, 1993)
Old Joyce and Kevin Harvey are nice country people but a couple of real duds. Young Roy, their boarder, knows what's what and advises them on all matters financial. Sort of a bloke you can trust, I s… Read more

A Fine Weekend (Armagan Ballantyne, 1998)
A man is diverted from his weekend routine by a romantic encounter with a woman. Dismissing the encounter as brief distraction, he hurriedly absconds to make his appointment with his best friend - me… Read more

A Fist, A Nail, And Two Windows (David Wellington, 1991)
Sonny, the only son in a perverse family, is ready to move on, but a series of uncontrol­lable circumstances leads him straight back to his mother's arms. Progressing at a hypnotic pace, fantasy … Read more

A Fly Went By (Rod Edge, 1995)
Can a fly generate nuclear war? This psycho­analytic, political parable suggests it can. Around the domestic dinner table, during the soup course, sinister subterranean tensions - signalled by cl… Read more

A Fortified City (Paul De Nooijer, Menno De Nooijer, 1990)
According to the filmmaker, "A Film About Film". More visual gymnastics from Paul De Nooijer. Can you spot Atom Egoyan? (See At One View) (HK) ... Read more

A Gentle Creature (Marc James Roels, 2009)
With papers signed, the tax advantages agreed upon and procedures put in place, a young couple begin a confronting and disturbing ritual. ... --- ... D/S Marc James Roels P Eurydice Gysel, Koen Morti… Read more

A Laughing Matter (Michael Witta, John Barclay, 1990)
Set in the West Indies with an all-Jamaican cast, an offbeat and hilarious fairy tale about an unhappy middle class "princess" and how she is made to laugh again. ... An exceptionally endearing perfo… Read more

A Love of Contradiction (Rosamund Owen, 1988)
What film noir might be like if a woman were to spin the story. It tells of the last night in a relationship between Lindsay, an aspiring actress, and Marcus, her street-wise boyfriend. The man is in… Read more

A Man From China (Zhang Zielen, 1989)
A Chinese artist comes to England after the massacre in Tiananmen Square full of hope for his new life in the West, but he finds it hard to come to terms with leaving China. Despite the efforts of hi… Read more

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