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Adam develops a theory that erratic ant behavior signals impending earthquakes. In a brave new world that has gone sadly awry, he salvages what little is left of love and the vestiges of his sanity. ... Read more
The lifestyle of Jo. a new wave singer. is compared and contrasted with that of Teresa, a would-be mothercraft worker. This is viewed against the background of an uncomprehending society s resistance to anything new and different. ... Read more
An Australian businessman hopes to increase his exports to Japan if only he can master the enigmas of the oriental mind. ... Read more
A film about the conflict between Catholicism and sexuality, illustrated by the overwhelming sense of guilt provoked in a middle-aged man trapped between his public and private personae. ... Read more
A single frame time-lapse journey through Sydney, the surrealistic city. Figures dart in and out of the shadows of the night. A kaleidoscope of imagery flies by. The music drives the images to a tumultuous climax. ... Read more
A black comedy set against the grim backdrop of Glasgow in the 1940s. Alex discovers he has a terminal blood clot in his brain, and has only a month to live. He falls for Jean, who has already helped her own husband fake his own death to escape the law. ... Read more
Upper middle class teenage psychotic vents frustrations on birthday night. Two girls. One knife Scary... ... Read more
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