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Films From France

The continuity of this film is taken from ... a mid-fifteenth century iiluminated manuscript, written by Rene, Duke of Anjon. ... Count of Provence and King of Naples, and ... illustrated by his court painters. The story. ... contemporary with Spenser's Faerie Queer ... tells of the kings dream in ... Read more
An intimate picture of life in the Middle ... Ages as recorded in detailed miniatures of ... illuminated manuscripts of the 14th and ... 15th centuries found in the Bibliotheque ... Nationale in Paris. Recreated is the daily ... work of the French peasants, life and pleasures of nobility in the ... Read more
This film aroused considerable controversy when it was first made and material ... alterations and deletions were insisted on ... before it was allowed to he shown. The ... film in its present form is recognized as a ... factual portrayal of the life of the famous ... painter. The life of the young ... Read more
The film takes its tone and its subject from the oft-repeated chorus of the song of “My good friend, Peter, skipper of the ‘Franc-Tireur', spends two days at sea for one night at home, then twenty days at sea for one day with his sweetheart and life goes on for such is life.” ... Here, too ... Read more
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