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“Reflections, philosophically and politically sophisticated, on the relationship of film to reality, time, place, memory and death mix with subtle, telling, elegant images to produce intellectually provocative cinema.” - Time Out London ... An ongoing project of Barcelona's Centre of ... Read more
“(Nicholas Ray) was a searcher… He was interested in who he was and what this world was. And film was a way to process that … Of course making movies was of huge importance to him. But really, the search was the main thing. The search, and the wisdom it yielded.” - Susan Ray ... A ... Read more
“An elegantly assembled and deeply moving remembrance of Cambodian cinema... pure poetry.” - Variety ... Between 1960 and 1975, Cambodia produced over 400 films, making it one of the most vibrant cinematic cultures in South-East Asia. But when the Khmer Rouge tore the country apart, they ... Read more
A warm-hearted portrait of one of the most beloved filmmakers of the twentieth century. ... Eric Rohmer was one of the last of the key French New Wave directors and one of the most revered, continuing to make well-received films late in his career. ... Filmed just before his death, this is a ... Read more
All hail the king of comedy. ... It will surprise few to discover that star of stage and screen Jerry Lewis has sought to amuse others since he was five years old. Since that early age, audiences split their sides watching his wacky antics, whilst wannabe comics aspired to his prolific career, from ... Read more
*Due to forces beyond MIFF's control we are going to have to pull Once Upon A Time in America from this program. ... “The movie has a pulse; it's alive. But not now. It's alive in some golden-brown past of the imagination.” - Pauline Kael, The New Yorker ... The epic rise to power of David ... Read more
"One of the great movies about movies." - Variety ... Room 237 dissects Stanley Kubrick's The Shining in amazing and unexpected ways, looking at a host of conspiracy theories around secret codes and messages supposedly hidden within the film. ... Director Rodney Ascher has uncovered a thriving ... Read more
“A passionate and joyful celebration of why we go to the movies, and why so many people dedicate their lives to making them.” - Tribeca Film Festival ... Documentarian Chris Kenneally (Crazy Legs Conti: Zen and the Art of Competitive Eating, MIFF 05) and producer/on-screen interviewer Keanu ... Read more
“The film (is) totally in line with what is fundamental in Nick's work - the emotional nakedness and courage, the search for the essence of the character.” - Susan Ray ... For Nicholas Ray, director of Hollywood classics Rebel Without A Cause and Johnny Guitar, filmmaking was a way of life ... Read more
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