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Legendary Australian filmmaker Fred Schepisi joins Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush and screenwriter Judy Morris to discuss their creation of the film adaptation of Patrick White's novel The Eye Of The Storm, with White's literary agent Barbara Mobbs, respected critic and cultural commentator Peter ... Read more
Who should decide what you can and can't see? ... The role of the censor and the censorship of film, video games and the internet is a divisive one in Australia today - In the Realm of the Censors will consider how censorship has been motivated to change over the course of MIFF's 60 years, and what ... Read more
The world of television has never seen so many arguments over the remote. More and more a place for cutting-edge storytelling, some of the most anticipated and acclaimed new stories are now not the blockbusters and tentpole pics of yesteryear, but instead come from the corner of your lounge room on ... Read more
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