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Free Radicals

"Theatre of the absurd." - filmmaker Albert Serra ... With his debut feature Honor de Cavalleria (MIFF 07) - an experimental reworking of the Don Quixote story - Albert Serra proved himself a filmmaker treading an unconventional path. With Birdsong, shot in otherworldly black & white, he again ... Read more
“A quietly confident visual poem to Haiti and its turbulent history.” - VarietyThe debut feature for Haitian-born director Michelange Quay is a non-narrative visual splendour focused on the poorest country in the western hemisphere, exploring its colonial heritage and the long-standing mismatch ... Read more
Like a blast of cinematic conceptual art, film artist Guy Sherwin's hand-crafted films explore the elements of film's grain, tone, flicker, sound, light and space. Beautiful, enigmatic and sensual, these experimental films question our perception of ‘light moving in time'. Guy Sherwin is a guest ... Read more
Originally created for the Jeonju International Film Festival's Digital Project, Memories is a short film triptych from three very different European directors. German Harun Farocki's Respite is an original take on the Holocaust using black and white footage of inmates at a concentration camp ... Read more
“Snowy, sleepwalking Winnipeg… I must leave it… I must leave it now. But how to escape one's city?” - Guy MaddinA fantasy documentary blurring the lines between outlandish fact and outright fiction, My Winnipeg is a melding of history and memory as MIFF regular Guy Maddin (Brand ... Read more
The other history of modern America.In this ambitious essay-documentary, cemeteries, plaques and monuments give voice to the now silent leftist heroes who championed progressive movements in the United States. Spanning 17th century battles between Native Americans and colonists, turn-of-the-century ... Read more
Newsreels from the 50s and 60s bring Soviet propaganda to life. ... Following on from his 2005 film Blockade, director Sergei Loznitsa unearths another collection of newsreels from the Soviet Union, this time from the 50s and 60s, to allow a glimpse into a side of the Cold War not often seen in the ... Read more
“There must have been a world… before the partita in A minor, but what was that world like? A Europe of empty spaces with no resonance.” ... In an abstract and almost surreal set of vignettes The Silence Before Bach betrays the conventional in search of whimsy, playfulness and irony not ... Read more
Ten visionary cinematic dispatches from two of contemporary experimental film's most uncompromising artists.Ranging from mind-blowing psychedelia to trance film documentary to Scottish hermit ethnography (in Cinemascope!), these films sketch a portrait of a modern world in increasingly hopeful ... Read more
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