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French Programme

The household utensils manufactured by I.C.I. appear in a circus show. ... Read more
A synthesis on the manufacture of cotton textiles: fast machine sequences are edited to the music of Haydn. ... Read more
A graphic ballet executed by ball-points. ... Read more
Bottles and tumblers dance and reel to the music of Scottish tunes. ... Read more
A fair should be a source of relaxation, of joy. Yet it is full of horrors and brutality, perhaps translating the hidden instincts of aggression and brutality lurking in all of us. ... Read more
A young boy of 13 is waiting to meet a girl, slightly older than he is, in the Bois de Boulogne. She is already two hours late, but his fantasies about her keep him occupied. At last, she arrives, but is she the girl of his dreams? ... Read more
Les Eloquents, made for the 60th anniversary of the cinema, contains excerpts from a number of notable French films. It contains scenes from Carmen made by Feyder about 1922 and with Raquel Mellor in the title role. Marcel l'Herbier's Feu Mathieu Pascal, with Ivan Mosjoukine, provides two ... Read more
This advertising film develops around a joyful melody, whistled by an invisible driver; landscapes unfold and tyres spin in the air. ... Read more
A subjective and impressionist exploration of an impoverished neighbourhood centering around the Rue Mouffetard. It portrays the faces of the poor, the gestures of the aged, the fervors of erotic love, the innocence of children . . . The film received the Award of the International Federation of ... Read more
The syncopated rhythm of a drum accompanies the rhythmic repetition of the word "Tek". ... Read more
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