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TWIN FALLS IDAHO (Michael Polish, 1999)
A methodically crafted yet magically realised feature debut which, although officially credited to Michael Polish, is enough of a joint effort to be billed as a Polish brothers film. Michael's identi… Read more

TWO DAYS (Sean McGinly, 2003)
This mockumentary with a death-wish was a sell-out at Rotterdam Film Festival where it delighted audiences with its combination of macabre black humour and, well, more macabre black humour! Paul Mill… Read more

TWO LINES (Selim Evci, 2008)
A couple, growing increasingly distant, attempt to rekindle their relationship in this claustrophobic study of alienation. ... Mert and Selin are a young couple that seemingly have everything: good j… Read more

TYRANNOSAUR (Paddy Considine, 2011)
"An intense exploration of the corrosive effects of human violence." - Hollywood Reporter ... A drunk and washed-up excuse for a man, Joseph (Peter Mullan, director of Neds, MIFF 2011) vents his ange… Read more

u-carmen ekhayelitsha (Mark Dornford-May, 2004)
Mark Dornford-May's [U-Carmen Ekhayelitsha] was awarded the Golden Bear at Berlin this year. It is based on Georges Bizet's [Carmen] (1875), one of the most popular operas in musical history. Merimee… Read more

UN COUPLE PARFAIT (Nobuhiro Suwa, 2005)
Actors Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi and Bruno Todeschini are transcendent in this intense drama about a marriage on the skids. Each scene sees them pushed to the outer regions of their abilities as they c… Read more

under the city (Adam Golomb, 2005)
After four years hard time in the slammer, Nate Maycott is determined to rebuild his family life and maintain his freedom. He wouldn't have done time at all if he had simply paid off the police like … Read more

UNDER THE SAND (François Ozon, 2000)
A beautiful elaboration on personal loss and what it means to be left alone. In a film radically removed from his past works, Francois Ozon (Water Drops on Burning Rocks MIFF 2000) again shows himsel… Read more

UNDERTOW (David Gordon Green, 2004)
"David Gordon Green goes Southern gothic. John (Dermot Mulroney) lives in the Georgia backwoods with his two boys - teenage Chris (Jamie Bell) and tiny Tim who sometimes wears a pilgrim hat and compu… Read more

UNITED 93 (Paul Greengrass, 2006)
“Greengrass's movie is tightly wrapped, minutely drawn, and, no matter how frightening, superbly precise… Stunning.” - The New Yorker On 11 September 2001, the world witnessed the hijackin… Read more

UNMADE BEDS (M) (Alexis Dos Santos, 2009)
“A stylish ode to the ache of youthful passions set against a chic and multi-cultural London.” - Screen International ... Two young foreigners in London - one searching for his father, the other … Read more

UNPOLISHED, THE (Pia Marais, 2006)
“How do children define themselves or rebel against their parents, when the lines separating the generations seem to disintegrate?” - filmmaker Pia MaraisAt 14 years old, Stevie should be at scho… Read more

UNRELATED (Joanna Hogg, 2007)
“A brilliantly uncomfortable character study of a woman in her forties still struggling to find her identity.” - The TimesTurning up in the dead of night to her friend's Italian holiday villa wit… Read more

UNREQUITED LOVE (Chris Petit, 2006)
When British academic, Greg Dart, found himself the target of stalking, he felt compelled to record his conflict of emotions in a candid memoir. His writing piqued the interest of filmmaker, Chris Pe… Read more

UNTOUCHED BY THE WEST (Raymond Depardon, 2002)
In Official Selection at the Venice and Rotterdam Film Festivals, this visually splendid film from Magnum Agency photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon, is highlighted by stunning black-and-whit… Read more

Up and Down (Jan Hrebejk, 2004)
Europe of the new century is a world with strong undertows. In his [Up and Down], Jan Hrebejk takes a darkly comic look at globalisation, xenophobia and changing society through the colliding worlds … Read more

UPSTREAM COLOR (Shane Carruth, 2013)
"Original, heady, visually gorgeous, aurally luscious … [a] brilliant, bewildering sci-fi exploration of humanity's mysterious biological connections." - ... Shane Carruth create… Read more

URBAN GHOST STORY (Genevieve Jolliffe, 1998)
Horror film buffs will delight at Genevieve Jolliffe's debut. Chilling moments from classics including The Exorcist, Carrie, The Evil Dead, Poltergeist and as far back as Robert Wise's The Haunting (… Read more

UZAK (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2003)
Acknowledged as the revelation of the Official Competition at Cannes this year, and the recipient of the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Actor award—shared between the two leads—Uzak is a h… Read more

VENTO DI TERRA (Vincenzo Marra, 2004)
Young Vincenzo lives in a poor suburb of Naples, where he shares an apartment with his unemployed father, seamstress mother and his sister. They are tight knit, despite familial tensions. When sudden… Read more

VIA SATELLITE (Anthony McCarten, 1998)
Twenty year-old Carol Dunn is set to win a surprise medal for New Zealand at the Olympics. Her family are caught up in the euphoria back home as a local television crew arrive and set up to film the … Read more

VIC FLO SAW A BEAR (Denis Côté, 2013)
"A rich, humane, surprising film ... manages to mix the drollery of Wes Anderson, the genre swagger of Tarantino and the opaque narrative of a Bruno Dumont in one intriguing package." - Screen Daily … Read more

VICTOR (Sandrine Veysset, 1998)
Ten year old Victor chooses a freezing winter evening to run away from home. Exhausted, afraid, his flight takes him to a fairground, the only bright and welcoming sight in the darkness. Moments befo… Read more

VILLA AMALIA (Benoît Jacquot, 2009)
“Enigmatic, fascinating, alternately bitter and defiant, [Isabelle Huppert] commands the screen at every moment.” - New York Times ... After finding her boyfriend in the arms of another woman, re… Read more

VIOLA (Matías Piñeiro, 2012)
"The great discovery of TIFF 2012 was Matías Piñeiro's Viola, a fantasia on love that dances between dreams, theatrical performances and a kind of hyper-sensual reality." - Senses of Ci… Read more

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