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Jean Epstein: Bonjour Cinema

“Jean Epstein disappeared over half a century ago… but the aura of Epstein, defender of great ecstasies, has only continued to grow.” - Cinema historian Nicole Brenez ... Jean Epstein: Young Oceans of Cinema is a stunning portrait of French film theorist and avant-garde filmmaker Jean ... Read more
Jean Epstein uses time-lapse photography and visual and aural slow motion to tell the tale of a fisherman stuck at sea during a storm, and his worried fiancé waiting for him back on shore. ... Screens with Jean Epstein: Young Oceans of Cinema (France, 68 mins). ... D Jean Epstein WS Cinémathèque ... Read more
Love blossoms on the canals of Burgundy. ... A bargeman takes an abandoned boy into his family and raises him as his own. Ten years later, as a romance between the boy and the bargeman's daughter develops, the boy's real father comes to claim him. He is sent away to be educated but pines for his ... Read more
“Cœur Fidèle must be seen if you want to understand the resources of the cinema today.” - Filmmaker René Clair ... Jean Epstein's best-known feature film, The Faithful Heart is in essence a melodrama - Marie (Gina Manès), an orphan raised by a cruel bar owner and his wife, is pressured ... Read more
“Witness a portal into a complex, heretofore unknown dimension of cinematic representation.” - Slant ... Jean Epstein's celebrated loose adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's famous gothic tale is a triumph of surrealistic cinema and an unparalleled swansong to the artistry of early silent cinema ... Read more
“Cinema is an experimental device that builds - that is, that conceives - an image of the universe.” - Jean Epstein ... One of France's first masters of the cinematic avant-garde, Jean Epstein crafted cinema that danced upon the precipice between meaning and nonsense: conceptual and beautiful ... Read more
Jean Epstein's short documentary filmed on the Breton island of Sein, which film preservationist and cinephile Henri Langlois called “one of the most beautiful documentaries in the history of French film, a true poem about Brittany and the sea”. ... Screens with The Faithful Heart (France, 83 ... Read more
Jean Epstein's playful, non-linear short about a wealthy businessman's relationship with three different women. Told via flashback as each woman recounts her story, Three-Sided Mirror broke cinematic conventions before they were even established, merging past, present and future into a ... Read more
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