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Let's Make Music

A Musician In The Family (Gordon Parker, 1953)
The young son of a prairie farmer, against considerable opposition, achieves his ambition &ndash: a musical education. Father fears that a musician in the family may affect the future of the farm. Ho… Read more

Children's Concert: Rhythm and Percussion (Gordon Parker, 1949)
A visit to the Saturday concerts which are making music a familiar and exciting part of life for Ottawa's children. Illustrating each point with simple examples from the children's own experience, Eu… Read more

Instruments And The Orchestra (Muir Mathieson, 1946)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Melody In Music (, )
Members of a youthful orchestra discover how variations in note arrangement, lyrics, different musical instruments, note length and time all affect the melody. The children are encouraged to create t… Read more

Science And The Orchestra (Alex Strasser, 1950)
An exposition of orchestral sound for young people and adults. The conductor and a physics demonstrator explore the orchestra and discuss the theory of the various musical instruments. ... Read more

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