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ANGEL OF THE WIND (Tahir Cambis, 2008)
"When filming wars, I noticed everybody had a sense of their roles as actors in a grand tragedy - imbuing moments that could be their last with spiritual dimensions. Here, the actor is a portal - to … Read more

BASTARDY (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2008)
"Jack is one of the most important people in my life. He is f**king unstoppable and I love him deeply for it. This film is a gift to him." - filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson ... Jack Charles is Bastard… Read more

CELEBRITY: DOMINICK DUNNE (Tim Jolley & Kirsty De Garis, 2008)
"The story of Dunne's life is as much about reinvention and the courage to change direction as it is a current study of the shallow, celebrity-crazed state of popular culture." - filmmaker Kirsty de … Read more

NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD (Mark Hartley, 2008)
“They were just like American genre films, but they had Australian actors, Australian locations and everyone spoke in Australian accents. If you show kids these films today they can't believe we ev… Read more

ROCK N ROLL NERD (Rhian Skirving, 2008)
“Tim and I would get together most days for a cup of tea. He'd moan about the music he wished he was playing and I'd moan about the films I wished I was making. One day I picked up my camera and st… Read more

“When our public institutions fail us in the pursuit of truth and justice, we, the people, will find our own ways to uncover and speak of our history.” - filmmaker Scott Millwood ... In 1972 envi… Read more

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