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Masters and Restorations

"One of 2013's most thrillingly virtuoso filmmaking achievements." – Hollywood Reporter ... The closing night film of the 2013 Cannes Critics' Week is actually three films in one: a triptych exploring 3D and its evolution in the world of cinema, with one film each from Peter Greenaway ... Read more
"A lively and somewhat self-effacing portrait of an artist whose work is anything but forgettable." – Hollywood Reporter ... Award-winning filmmaker Marcel Ophüls returns after 18 years with an irreverent, charming journey through a life lived in film – from growing up as ... Read more
"As long as there are movies, The Great Escape should always be seen ... It's impossible to tire of." – Empire ... Bringing together the biggest stars of its day – Charles Bronson, James Garner and the unforgettable Steve McQueen amongst them – The Great Escape told ... Read more
"One of the very first manifestations of nouvelle vague ... a remarkably assured, gutsy and conceptually ostentatious piece of filmmaking." – Time Out London ... In 1954, an unknown young woman named Agnès Varda released a film called La Pointe Courte, a strange, intoxicating ... Read more
"What distinguishes the film most … is its wit, both verbal and visual, so that it is simultaneously illuminating and funny." – Time Out London ... It's May 1962, and with the end of the Algerian war, France is at peace for the first time in seven years. Filmmaker Chris Marker ... Read more
"The most impressive of [Brocka's] films... an unforgettable portrait which invites interpretation as an allegory for the whole of the underdeveloped world." – The Guardian ... Lino Brocka is regarded as the greatest director the Philippines has ever produced, a man whose incisive ... Read more
"A must see for anyone who admires this director." – The Guardian ... While cinephiles and MIFF audiences will be familiar with his 25-year oeuvre, the wider movie community continues to discover the work of Austrian auteur Michael Haneke (Amour, MIFF 2012). On the back of numerous ... Read more
The format may be long obsolete, but millennial geeks are revelling in the grainy, outrageous joy of VHS. ... Video cassettes upended the way we watched television and movies, but in the modern world of HD, Blu-ray and VOD, tape seems tapped out. Yet a handful of rabid geeks adore the format, not ... Read more
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