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A 19-YEAR-OLD'S PLAN (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, 1979)
It is most unusual for a Japanese director to be "discovered" from his first feature film. In general it seems that a director attracts attention only after several films, and henceforth sends the ar… Read more

A KINGDOM FOR A HOUSE (Tilt Film, Meatball, 1980)
One of the most graphic documentaries ever filmed, this records the efforts of squatters to draw attention to the chronic shortage of housing in Holland. The coronation of Queen Beatrix was used as t… Read more

A PRICELESS DAY (Peter Gothar, 1979)
Iren Zemann is a 30 -year-old kindergarten teacher. Her senior post, her shared apartment, and a lover, a man with a family — these are the boundaries within which her life is following its cou… Read more

And They Called Me Pussy Dynamite (J. Wilkes, J. Howarth, 1980)
The confessions of an ex-stripper. A hilarious deadpan description of the life of a girl who worked in the clubs of Soho. ... Read more

ASPHALT NIGHT (Peter Fratzcher, 1980)
The story of a night in Berlin. The story of an encounter. The story of a song. The meeting of two generations. The film opens with the group MC 5 playing Kick Out the Jams, one of the political hymn… Read more

BLIND SPOT (Claudia von Alemann, 1980)
In Blind Spot, a woman historian ... fascinated by the diary kept by the ... nineteenth-century utopian socialist ... feminist, Flora Tristan, during the last ... few months of her life, refuses the … Read more

BROTHERS AND SISTERS (Richard Woolley, 1980)
Brothers and Sisters is the latest and most ambitious production of the British Film Institute Production Board It marks the feature debut of Richard Woolley (born 1948) after a career in radical the… Read more

DREAMLAND (Oz Scott, 1980)
Dreamland labels itself a film based on "the new sound of Gospel Rock" and is the true story of Joanne Crayton Joanne is the star of the Gospel Soul Children and she has the power to send her congreg… Read more

Groping (Alexander Proyas, Salik Silverstein, 1981)
"Waiting, we were waiting, as the traffic moved through our heart and mind, but things were different then for the quiet man." - Ultravox ... Read more

JUSTOCOEUR (Mary Stephen, 1980)
Three friends — Paul, a conservative intellectual: Selena, a dancer who specialises in African dance: and Gabriel, an artist who manages to move with ease between the centres of their different… Read more

LIAR'S DICE (Issam Makdissy, 1979)
Liar's Dice rests on an intriguingly elliptical plot by lead actress, Terry Eubanks-Makdissy From this, director Issam Makdissy has woven a loosely-knit fabric of shifting focus and thickening relati… Read more

New York Story (Jackie Raynal, 1980)
A surrealistic tale of a hotel in New York serves as a prologue to a more naturalistic story of a couple in Manhattan . where a wife sends her husband out to find her a young lover! ... Read more

Paul Robeson: Tribute to an Artist (Saul Turell, 1979)
Paul Robeson was a genius, yet generations of Americans have grown up without ever having heard his name His vocal opposition to racism and injustice at a time when society would not tolerate a black… Read more

PERMANENT VACATION (Jim Jarmusch, 1980)
Permanent Vacation is my first feature. It is a narrative which follows two and a half days in the lite of Aloysius Parker, a young wanderer with no home, no school, and no job. He has lived in all k… Read more

Punk Poultry (Jo Andres, 1980)
Dancers costumed as chickens execute an aggressive punk routine to the music of “In the Mood". ... Read more

RAPTURE (Ivan Zulueta, 1980)
Jose Sirgado, a film director in his early thirties has just finished his second film and he is deeply dissatisfied Maybe it is because his relations with filmmaking are not as he had hoped Maybe her… Read more

Rivals (Jan Spata, 1977)
A documentary about the European Gymnastics Championships. ... Read more

Roma (Jane Oehr, 1980)
Roma Moore is a middle-aged housewife who stays at home — it has become a habit, even a phobia. One day she believes she is being interviewed and begins to explore her life more thoroughly, wit… Read more

Seaside Woman (Oscar Grillo, 1980)
A simple story of a fishing village in the Caribbean The film follows the daily activities of a local family and contrasts their life with that of the rich tourists on holiday. ... Read more

Self Portrait Blood Red (Ivan Durrant, 1980)
A dream that gives a hint to the creative thought processes of Ivan Durrant: he allows the subject of meat to wander at random, taking in and giving out information that has been built up over time. ... Read more

The Brooklynn (Nick Vickers, 1977)
A woman who arrives at the top floor of the Brooklynn Hotel is spirited down the stairs by a barrage of noises which distracts her from the fact that she is being followed. ... Read more

THE HANDYMAN (Micheline Lanctot, 1980)
Micheline Lanctot has served a solid apprenticeship as an actress before making her debut as director on this modestly-budgeted little comedy. That has not stopped the film going on to be a major suc… Read more

The Music of Erich Zann (John Strysik, 1980)
The film is based on a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, American master of Gothic horror tales Set in late 1 9th century Paris, Zann follows the efforts of Charles Dexter Ward, a young American studen… Read more

The Three Inventors (Michel Ocelot, 1980)
Three inventors create attractively useful machines... but the public is uncomprehending and intolerant. ... Read more

The print that is being sent to the Festival is the only one available and has French subtitles An English subtitled version is not yet obtainable. ... "At every festival, there is always one film wh… Read more

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