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Oberhausen Retrospective - Short Films in the Third World

Between the Tides (Colective ‘Los Vagos', )
Produced in a country with no film tradition at all, this experimental film, made by a theatre collective, is immensely political and firmly rooted in the local culture. ... Read more

Bullfight in Sincelejo (Ciro Duran, Mario Mitrotti, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

Columbia ‘70 (Carlos Alvarez, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Man Versus Man (Shashi Anand, 1982)
Man-pulled rickshaws in Calcutta face extinction due to legislation introduced by the State Government in 1981. The film analyses the situation and investigates the consequences of such a step. ... Read more

On a Revolution (Omar Amiralay, )
Starting out with official statements and manifestations of the Yemenitic Revolution, the film then moves on to the task of the people who have gained a better life, with images evoking the memories … Read more

On The Wall (Mario Mitrotti, 1970)
Synopsis not available Read more

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