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Peepshow – Titillation & The Moving Image

Bed (Ximena Cuevas, 1998)
Prolific Mexican video artist Ximena Cuevas continually produces biting and sardonic short works which interrogate and subvert states of normalcy. Part of the Dormimundo series, Cama is fascinated wi… Read more

Blitze (Dietmar Brehm, 2000)
In Blitze, Dietmar Brehm generates a sordid Kuleshov effect, where the face of the voyeur is transformed by what he watches and what he watches is transformed by being watched. The impact of the gaze… Read more

Darling International (Jennifer Todd Reeves, M.M. Serra, 2000)
The kaleidoscopic intensity of images in Jennifer Todd Reeves' and MM. Serra's Darling International centre on a sadomasochistic scenario between two women who play out their fantasies after work. Th… Read more

Handy Man (Nelson Henricks, 1999)
Handy Man examines the window as a site of voyeurism and surveillance. With his Hi-8 camera. Henricks documents workers in his interior courtyard. The camerawork has a secretive and furtive feel, tre… Read more

Peeping Tom (Mark Lewis, 2000)
Mark Lewis recreates the unseen footage from Michael Powell's legendary, psychosexual thriller Peeping Tom. In his own version (by the same name) Lewis constructs the footage that the fictional Mark … Read more

removed (Naomi Uman, 1999)
In removed, naomi uman physically erases the female body from old 16mm porn using nailpolish remover and household bleach. This gorgeous attack of beauty and domestic product on celluloid results in … Read more

The Amateurist (Miranda July, 1998)
The Amateurist slides along the edges of horror and satire to create an unsettling portrait of a woman on the brink of technologically-driven madness. Miranda July's performance is split between a ta… Read more

The Morphology of Desire (Robert Arnold, 1998)
In this lush, pulsating trash-symphony, Robert Arnold combines digital and film processes to morph an eternal series of romance novel covers. The audio track throbs with the heartbeat of the cover gi… Read more

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