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Piotr Kamler Retrospective

A strange animal, half spider and half elephant, and its inexorable march interrupted by hesitations in a coloured and abstract world. ... Read more
A little fellow in a bowler hat . . . A disquieting red liquid which pours out drop by drop . . . An unusual illustration of a traditional French song. ... Read more
An abstract illustration of Ravel's Bolero ... Read more
A folk story—the fable of Calabardin—told in terms of non-figurative images and experimental music. ... Read more
Abstract variation on the Nutcracker music by Tchaikovski. ... Read more
A fantastic, poetic, enigmatic, cybernetic and tonic tale from which we will learn that 'it is always the tight-rope walker who holds both ends of the rope', even if he needs a chess set and a candle, and that there is no point in running around with one heart . . . ... Read more
Networks of subtly plaited, flexible lines expand in the giddy emptiness of a siren. ... Read more
A moving abstract painting created by the animation of powdered substances. ... Read more
A play of opposites: space, colour, ... forms, movements . . . ... Read more
A dialogue of forms, colours and movements follow a rhythm which is both plastic and musical. ... Read more
An abstract illustration of Grieg's famous Norwegian Dance. ... Read more
A tank, into which a red liquid is dripping. A figure absorbed in an obscure and desperate battle against submersion. A little furry animal comes to disturb this strange world . . . ... Read more
A graphic transcription of a story by the humorist, Cami. How can one move out of the house without the concierge noticing it? One has to cut up the furniture into tiny bits. This simple and effective solution to the problem is the origin of the psychological drama involving a husband, his wife and ... Read more
A poem by Verlaine sung by the Freres Jacques group, freely illustrated by a play of coloured abstract forms. ... Read more
An evocation of interstellar space through coloured shapes and music. Kamler used powdered minerals to create this abstract animated film. ... Read more
An abstract illustration of a poetic chanson by Anne Sylvestre. ... Read more
The life and power of a distant, red galaxy, which is invaded by an external force, bringing in its wake shadows and destruction. ... Read more
A graphic transposition of a movement from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. ... Read more
A free suite based on elements borrowed from some of Kamler's abstract works. ... Read more
The immobile interior of an orange-coloured form, and the evolutions of two blue shapes, at times slow, at times jerky. ... Read more
Unending perspectives, walls throbbing with coloured forms, menacing black birds swooping . . . lost in these abstract surroundings, a man tries desperately to escape from the maze of his solitude. ... Read more
'The heartrending adventures of a non-being in search of himself. One will see it fairly clearly that in order to be alone, it is at times necessary to be two . . .' A short, metaphysical fable told by means of a white ball, a hole and a red ball . , . ... Read more
Infinite star space, where luminous forms evolve; dots swarm in webs of insubstantial lines. ... Read more
An abstract illustration of the famous minuet by Mozart. ... Read more
A free transposition of a Kafka novel: the peace of an imaginary insect is disturbed by three little balls. ... Read more
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