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Black Balloon, The (Benny Safdie,Josh Safdie, 2012)
Josh Safdie (The Pleasure of Being Robbed, MIFF 2008) and his brother Benny's playfully timeless tribute to Albert Lamorisse's The Red Balloon is a charming fantasy following a rogue black balloon th… Read more

Cobbers (Genevieve Bailey, 2013)
I Am Eleven (MIFF 2011) director Genevieve Bailey returns with this heart-warming story of 87-year-old June, who spends 12 hours a day on Facebook tending her internet farms while she waits for her w… Read more

Cut Sleeves (Darren Cole, 2012)
A personal profile of the Melbourne punk rock band Bits of Shit as they release their debut LP. ... World Premiere. ... D/P Darren Cole TD HD WS VCA School of Film & Television Cam/2012 ... Read more

Double Fikret (Haiyang Wang, 2012)
Like a Dali painting come to life with a touch of Terry Gilliam-esque humour, this colourful animation is a stream of surreal associations and transformations. ... D/P/S Haiyang Wang WS WS Danmeng Ar… Read more

Family of Weddings, A (Cath Murphy, 2012)
A short animation about arranged marriage from a contemporary Afghan perspective. Winner of the Best Middle School Animation in the 2012 ATOM Awards. ... Not in competition. ... All films featured as… Read more

Flight of the Pompadour (Karan Kandhari, 2012)
An awkward young man heads out for the night, on a mission to fit in, find acceptance, and get his hair styled the right way. ... D/S Karan Kandhari P Ben Murray WS Tomboy Films L no dialogue TD 35mm… Read more

Freia and the Wannabe Indians (Carl Javér, 2013)
Fourteen-year-old Freia grew up and lives in an alternative community, but now she's starting to ask herself what sort of life she wants to live. ... D/S Carl Javér P Fredrik Lange WS Vilda Bo… Read more

In Guns We Trust (Nicolas Lévesque Nicolas Lévesque, 2013)
In Kennesaw, Virginia, gun ownership is mandatory by law: every household must own a minimum of one working gun, with ammunition. Using still, black-and-white photos and audio excerpts, director Nico… Read more

In the Blood (Brian Harrington, 2013)
Retired British boxing champion Sean Murphy and his daughter Lucy both live and breathe boxing. Now Sean is training Lucy so that she can realise her dream of competing at the next Olympics. ... D Br… Read more

Jury (Kim Dong-ho, 2012)
Kim Ho-dong has been on the jury for more than 40 film festivals, giving him a unique insight into the process that he hilariously skewers in this satirical, self-aware look at film festivals and the… Read more

Needle (Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, 2013)
Lilly wants to get her ears pierced, but her arguing parents prevent the moment from happening as planned. Winner of the Cinéfondation Selection at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. ... D/S Anahi… Read more

Notes on Blindness Rainfall (James Spinney,Peter Middleton, 2013)
Since losing his sight, John's discovered the sound and texture of the rain gives depth, detail and form to the world around him. ... D Peter Middleton, James Spinney P Jen Kerrison, Peter Middleton … Read more

Pablo s Villa (Matthew Salleh, )
In 1985, Pablo Novak watched as his town, Villa Epecuén, was wiped out by a flood. Two decades later, he lives alone in the re-emerged ruins. ... D Matthew Salleh P Rose Tucker WS Urtext Films… Read more

Photocopier (Louise Alston, 2012)
An unconventional office romance. ... D Louise Alston P Eva Di Blasio S Stephen Vagg WS Bunker Productions International TD DCP/2012 ... Read more

Polaroid (Monica Ip, 2012)
A short animation exploring a young girl's journey as she encounters the city, the world and technology. Winner of the Best Senior Secondary Animation in the 2012 ATOM Awards. ... Not in competition.… Read more

Reporting on The Times The New York Times and The Holocaust (Emily Harrold, 2012)
Inspired by Laurel Leff's award-winning book Buried By The Times, this film investigates why the Jewish-owned New York Times buried the majority of its WWII Holocaust coverage. ... D/P Emily Harrold … Read more

Una Furtiva Lagrima (Carlo Vogele, 2011)
A black bass sings an operatic lamentation on his fate as he travels from his sale at the fishmarket to his final destination: the frying pan. ... Not in competition. ... D/S Carlo Vogele P Carlo Vog… Read more

You Know What I Love You (Natalie Cunningham, 2012)
A charming portrait of the filmmaker's 94-year-old Greek grandmother, combining flashes of gentle humour with poignant moments of sadness. ... D/P/S Natalie Cunningham L Greek w/English subtitles WS … Read more

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