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Prince Chatri Retrospective

Best friends are forced to face each other in a violent confrontation when one joins the police force and the other becomes a criminal. An action-packed adventure film which is also an indictment of the prevailing gun culture in Thailand. ... Read more
Through the personal moral confusion and conflicts of a young idealistic police officer, Salween highlights the terrible killing and lawlessness of the Thai-Burma border. A conflict that stretches back to when Burma achieved independence without first having found an acceptable solution to the ... Read more
When a corrupt land development company tries to evict 20,000 dwellers from their homes, Somsri, a charismatic local teacher leads the fight to save his community. 'Tiger Temple Community' is the name of one of the biggest slums in Bangkok. Formerly useless swampland, it belongs to the government ... Read more
Sang, Prang and Tubtim (husband, wife and sister-in-law) jointly crew a barge that brings sand down the Chao Phaya river to Bangkok. Arriving in Bangkok, the dissatisfied wife, Prang, goes ashore seeking to improve her life. Sang sets out to find his wife who has been lost in the big city, a cabbie ... Read more
The Elephant Keeper is an exceptionally entertaining and dramatic feature film which is at once an environmental film about the dangers to Thailand's rainforests, an animal film which has all the magic of the best films about relations between humans and animals, and a film about the way in which ... Read more
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