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Programme 11

A Child's Voice (Kieran Hickey, 1978)
A ghost story set in the days when radio was the centre of home entertainment. Three nights a week, in suspenseful instalments, Ainsley Rupert Macreadie writes and broadcasts his own stories to rapt … Read more

A Scary Tale (Shirley Clarke, Robert Hughes, 1960)
The film depicts the activities of a group of U.S. children on Hallowe'en. The traditional 'trick or treat' activities are directed towards raising funds for UNICEF. Throughout the film scenes of nee… Read more

AGAINST ALL (O. Vavra, 1957)
The mainspring of the movement which swept Bohemia in the early 15th Century was a combination of a number of passionate ideals encompassing the religions which called for the reform of the Church an… Read more

Airport and A Note From Above (Derek Phillips, 1970)
Two tiny films: one about a bomb scare on a plane, the other about some mysterious instructions from the clouds... ... Read more

Angel (Derek May, 1967)
The film itself is a synopsis, but the subject is not defined. The author does not know whether it is a dream made into a film, or a film made into a dream. ... Special Mention, Montreal Festival; Ch… Read more

BE GOOD UNTIL DEATH (László Ranódy, 1960)
Synopsis not available Read more

Bighorn (Bill Schmalz, 1970)
The bighorn sheep of the Rocky Mountains are filmed amidst the splendid scenery of alpine peaks. The film shows extraordinary close-ups of the wary, sure-footed animals, with music and natural sound … Read more

Bride and Groom (Grasshopper Group, 1955)
About a newly wed couple who cannot get rid of a door-to-door salesman; appropriately filmed in the pixillated (stop-action) technique. ... Read more

BRIDE OF THE ANDES (Susumu Hani, 1966)
A Japanese widow goes as a mail-order bride to a Japanese archaeologist living deep in the Andes in a primitive Peruvian Indian village. She hates her life there, hates the Incan relics, hates the In… Read more

DID SOMEBODY LAUGH? (Henning Carlsen, 1978)
Henning Carlsen's new film looks at first like a reprise of his best known film Hunger (1966) as it introduces us to a down and out in a cold Northern European winter. The film quickly departs into i… Read more

El Sombrero (Robert Balser, 1964)
A slightly surrealist story of a man who longs to conform to society. Society, in this instance, is represented by everyone wearing red hats. ... Read more

ELVIRA MADIGAN (Bo Widerberg, 1967)
Based on a true story of the eighteen-nineties, which has since become legendary, this film is an elegy about a young lieutenant who leaves his wife and children for a circus star. Together, they run… Read more

Facade (Jan Wiertsema, 1965)
Behind the facade of strict etiquette, a merry widow pursues her secret liaisons in the society of The Hague in the 1890's. ... Read more

Faithful Departed (Kieran Hickey, 1968)
It has been said that if Dublin were wiped out, it could be reconstructed from James Joyce's novel, "Ulysses", exactly as it was on Bloomsday— June 16th, 1904. Kieran Hickey has reconstructed i… Read more

FANFARE (Bert Haanstra, 1959)
Who could ever imagine that such a harmless pastime as making music was to be the cause of revolutionising a whole village? Yet this is what happened in the placid Dutch village of Lagerwiede. There … Read more

HARRY MUNTER (Kjell Grede, 1970)
Harry Munter is a dreamy, precocious youth. He's also rather a genius, having invented some kind of electronic equipment which has come to the notice of an American company. ... Last year Harry went … Read more

Harvesting (Arthur Lamothe, )
Landscapes by the hundred . . . moods, weathers, colours . . . men and machines at work. An original impression of harvest time in Canada. ... Read more

KILLER (Claude Chabrol, 1969)
The crushed body of a nine-year-old boy is found in a village street, the victim of a hit-and-run driver. His father, a lonely widower of 35, has lost all that was most dear to him. He is an author o… Read more

Mackintosh (Murray Grigor, 1968)
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, born Glasgow, 1868. As a student, he was the painter who led the Spook School, a Glaswegian expression of Art Nouveau. At 27, he was the architect who won the competition t… Read more

One is One (Malcolm Johnson, 1970)
"One is One and all alone and evermore shall be so'' from the song "Green grow the rushes O", is the theme of this film. A young man returns to the scene of his former life following a gaol sentence.… Read more

One of the Missing (Anthony Scott, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Opus 3 (Pierre Hebert, 1967)
Images of a few simple geometric forms arranged and counter-arranged in various sequences. ... Read more

Raving-Waving (Grasshopper Group, 1957)
An experimental film: abstract wave movements are animated in time with rhythmic musique concrete, the sound track of which was edited not by note on tape. ... Read more

A group of summer picnickers wandering through a wood are led by a genial host to a sumptuous alfresco birthday party, where candles burn on long tables in a setting like a vast outdoor banqueting ha… Read more

Soliloquy (Stephen Dwoskin, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

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