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Programme 15

A BOY CALLED THIRD BASE (Yoichi Higashi, 1978)
Yoichi Higashi is a new name from Japan and his first feature to reach the West is a strong drama that signals him as a director to watch. ... Third Base is made from a script by Shuji Terayama, the … Read more

BLACK WIND (Servando Gonzalez, 1965)
The black wind is a desert dust storm regarded as the worst enemy of the men building a railroad across the Great Altar Desert in Mexico. The film explores the dangerous adventures of its hero, a rou… Read more

Conquest of the Rivers (H. Malcolm, 1957)
The story of the Snowy Mountains scheme and its purpose seen through the eyes of a bore sinker who takes a diamond drilling job and moves with his family to live in the mountains. (Documentary.) ... Read more

DUET FOR CANNIBALS (Susan Sontag, 1969)
Novelist, film and social critic, Susan Sontag's first film is described as a psychological drama of four people, in which an older couple exercises its will and power over two students, and manipula… Read more

Hard to Windward (Max Graham, 1958)
An account of the 680 miles Sydney-Hobart yacht race. Covering the race, from the preparation and start on Sydney Harbour to its finish, the camera travels with the yachts and reports the conditions … Read more

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Stuart Hanisch, 1958)
The pressures of everyday living are shown in almost clinical manner. In tight, highly condensed images, the film describes a day in the life of an American middle class family, surrounded by the mac… Read more

Instant Sex (Bob Godfrey, 1979)
An old man buys a tin of instant sex at a supermarket with horrendous results! ... Read more

Let's Have a Party (Paul Verhoeven, 1963)
A bitter-sweet tale, told with discretion and understanding, of the first love of a shy 15-year-old schoolboy. ... St. Finbarr Statuette, Cork Festival. ... Read more

Moonbird (John Hubley, 1959)
A colour cartoon on the fantasy of childhood. Two small boys, armed with rope, cage and bait, embark upon a nighttime expedition to capture the nocturnal bird. A bird does finally appear. Making frie… Read more

No Reason to Stay (Mort Ransen, 1966)
Developed from a script written by a boy of the same age as the central figure of the story, this film takes a deliberately biased look at the history of one school drop-out, and the system he reject… Read more

Quiet Mutiny (Charles Denton, 1970)
A report on the life at a US Army fire-post - code name Snuffy - 100 miles from Saigon. Talks to the 'Grunts', the 18-year-old conscripts who walk out of the base on 28 day patrols of the jungle. The… Read more

Ride the White Horses (Peter Gold, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Rivals (István Imre, 1959)
This puppet film tells the story of a smith and a tailor who live in a small town. They have a row and are forced to change jobs for a year. ... Read more

Roughnecks (Guy L. Coté, 1960)
Whenever there is a whisper of oil, roughnecks are already on the way to drill a test. ... Audiences will relish this tale of one such crew, tough roustabouts who bulldoze through a wilderness in a h… Read more

SALESMAN (Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

STARS (Konrad Wolf, 1959)
Set in a small Bulgarian town in 1943, Stars is the story of a strange, unhappy love affair. This is what happened in the foothills of the mountains . . . A sergeant of the German Wehrmacht, a clever… Read more

The Bird (Fred Wolf, 1965)
A wry fable of a man's encounter with a girl - and the gruesome aftermath. ... Read more

The Forerunner (John Heyer, 1957)
A film on the theme of Australia's water problem and its solution in one part of Australia. The first section shows the tragedy of too much water and the devastation of floods. The second section dea… Read more

The Girl Who Met Simone De Beauvoir in Paris (Richard Wherrett, 1980)
An adaptation of the Frank Moorhouse short story - a bourgeois comedy of manners. ... Read more

THE GLASS CAGE (Philippe Arthuys, 1964)
The Eichmann trial in lsrael is the background for a taut story of the effects of this historic trial on a group of people. The glass cage is, of course, the one Eichmann sat in, but it may also be a… Read more

THE HOUSE I LIVE IN (L. Kulijanov, Y. Segal, 1957)
For many years, in the name of social realism. a sterile view imposed itself upon Soviet cinema. Now, by contrast, certain directors have returned to the stylistic elements of the great silent Soviet… Read more

The Massacre of the Innocents (I. Bostan, 1957)
Without commentary, the film presents the famous painting by Breughel. ... Read more

The Rise of Parnassus Needy (Richard Taylor, 1966)
To illustrate the wide range of functions a bank plays in the economy, this cartoon tells the story of a poet who, setting up business to sell words for all occasions, meets with phenomenal success. ... Read more

THE SEASONS OF OUR LOVE (Florestano Vancini, 1966)
Vittorio Borghi, a 40-year-old reporter and ex-communist, now works for an independent newspaper. He has lost all the idealism of his youth and the world seems to be falling apart around him. He goes… Read more

Viscount (Alex Stitt, 1961)
A visual interpretation of the Viscount Song, using design in place of narrative. ... Read more

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