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Programme 17

A Sculptor's Landscape (John Read, 1958)
A film which shows the work of Henry Moore, from his drawings to his sculptures, with particular reference to his latest and most important work, the reclining figure for the UNESCO Headquarters in P… Read more

At Table (Luc De Heusch, 1958)
The sights, sounds and behaviour of various social groups at meal times. Often the camera has a satirical eye and comments brilliantly on some touch of greed, pathos, or quirk of character. ... Read more

Bill, A Lone Parent (Barbara Chobocky, 1980)
Bill has two children, Mandy aged 18 months, and Jamie, three years. He has been a single parent since Mandy was three months old. This film looks at an ordinary day with Bill and the children, while… Read more

BLACK PEARLS (Svetomir Janic, 1958)
The action of this film takes us back to the first post-war years when a group of young delinquents were placed in an old monastery on the seacoast that had been transfoimed into a children's home. T… Read more

Dead Easy (Nigel Buesst, 1970)
In an interesting amalgam of document and fiction, a student and a visiting professor search back into the lives of Melbourne's mass murderers. ... Silver Award, Alan Stout Award, Australian Film Awa… Read more

Shot over a period of seven months, this film is a. record of animal life in a Hungarian natural sanctuary. Fine photography, and great patience produced many striking and savage impressions. ... Read more

GIVE GOD A CHANCE ON SUNDAY (Henrik Stangerup, 1970)
Born from the frustrating experiences of two theology students, the film describes the problems of a modern rural clergyman trying to keep a grip on a dwindling congregation, while examining the rele… Read more

Horse on Holiday (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1959)
The land of Hans Anderson's fairy tales is the Denmark you will meet in this film, but it is inspired by a driver in the Copenhagen of today. A milkman takes his horse and milkcart on a holiday trip … Read more

Howard (Leonard Glasser, 1965)
In this existentialist fable about man and his super-ego, the whole world disappears and nothing is left but three people. All three of them are named Howard. ... Read more

La Surface Perdue (Dolorés Grassian, 1965)
The film involves the spectator in a surrealist world of surveyors who are first convinced that they must find a missing surface and are then instructed that having found it they must lose it - as it… Read more

LOVE'S CONFUSION (Slatan Dudlow, 1960)
Dieter is a medical student, Sonia is studying art, Siegi works in an office, Eddy is a mason. Dieter and Sonia are in love, so are Siegi and Eddy. But Siegi is fickle and Dieter is unsure of himself… Read more

Messieurs les Coureurs: Attention (Bob Bremer, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Moonstruck (John Halas, 1960)
A paper sculpture film telling how Top Dog, a rocket inventor, uses various tricks to inveigle Snap into going to the Moon and their subsequent adventures after he persuades him there is a bone there. Read more

PATHER PANCHALI (Satyajit Ray, 1952)
The Apu Trilogy, India's most important contribution to world cinema so far, is based on the Bengali novel by Bibhuti Bhusan Bannerji. The book contains a great deal of autobiographical material and … Read more

THE MOMENT OF DECISION (Frantisek Cap, 1955)
During the last war the Slovenian city of Ljubljana became a prison, and here these events happened. ... The local collaborators of the occupiers capture a severely wounded leader of the Resistance m… Read more

THE PROUD PRINCESS (Borwoj Zeman, 1954)
The Proud Princess is based on the popular fairy-tale of Bozena Nemcova, a classic author. The film tells of a young prince who is loved by his subjects for his wisdom and who, disguised as a gardene… Read more

THEN CAME THE LEGEND (Andrei Blaier, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

WE ARE THE GUINEA PIGS (Joan Harvey, 1980)
"We are the Guinea Pigs" is a feature-length anti-nuclear documentary on the effects of the Three Mile Island nuclear catastrophe. In interviews with farmers, working-class and middle-class parents o… Read more

ZERO IN THE UNIVERSE (George Moorse, 1966)
The story of two enemies, business rivals, and perhaps conspirators - Zero and Steinmetz, and of Vivian, Zero's secretary and constant companion. Time, as well as moving in the ordinary sense, moves … Read more

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