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Programme 2

Anne, a Swedish fashion designer, travels to Helsinki to meet a man with whom she has had a short love affair in Berlin. When she gets there, she regrets her trip and realizes that in reality she has… Read more

Bong Gita (Go Ono, 1959)
A delightful prize-winning Japanese puppet film. A discarded guitar responds to a flower-girl's plight. The village is attracted and her flowers sold - and so the tale continues . . . a theft, a figh… Read more

Chicory (F. Melchior Murer, 1967)
Fragmentary documents about the double-life of the poet Comte Ivan Merdreff-Urban Gwerder. ... Federal Award of Switzerland; Jury Prize, Cinestud, Amerstadam; Main Prize, Oberhausen Festival. ... Read more

COLD DAYS (András Kovács, 1966)
Four men await trial in a Hungarian prison immediately after the war. The People's Court is to hear charges of their having perpetrated a massacre. During three days of January, 1942, in an area of Y… Read more

Down a Long Way (Bob Privett, 1955)
Explains how, by geological survey and geophysical tests, sites are selected for oil drilling. The steps in drilling a new hole are described in detail. ... Read more

EVERYTHING FOR SALE (Andrzej Wajda, 1968)
The boy in dark glasses who was hero of Andrzej WajtIa`s film. Ashes and Difttrtottrls, was played by Zbigniew Cybulski. The actor and the part he created became a legend, not unlike that of James De… Read more

FRIENDS FOR LIFE (Franco Rossi, 1956)
Amici Per La Pelle is a film of great compassion. Franco Rossi has the advantage of using a story that never strikes for dramatic twists or the eccentric character. It is a story that springs from th… Read more

Game with Stones (Jan Svankmajer, 1965)
An animated film involving destructive stones. ... Read more

Hail to You, Pompeians! (Herbert Seggelke, 1969)
The volcano Vesuvius destroyed the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. But within reach of most of our cities today lie a thousand volcanoes of a different order... ... Read more

IVAN THE TERRIBLE, PART II (Sergei Eisenstein, 1945)
In 1941 Eisenstein, the giant of Russian cinema, began a biographical trilogy of the sixteenth century Tsar. Ivan IV, who united the autonomous principalities and became the first ruler of the Russia… Read more

Jaunpuri (Michael Mann, 1968)
A succession of hypnotic images and colours are cut to haunting Indian jugalbandi music. ... Read more

JOUR DE FETE (Jacques Tati, 1949)
The narrative of "Jour de Fete" is as thin as is conceivable. There would be none at all were it not for the postman, Jacques Tati. He is the film. Six feet five inches in his stockinged feet, dark, … Read more

LIVING (Akira Kurosawa, 1952)
After Rashoman, Akira Kurosawa adapted Dostoevsky's "The Idiot" for the screen. When this film failed to win critical approval in Japan, he made Living, a modern story which established him as the mo… Read more

LOVE FILM (István Szabó, 1970)
A romantic, nostalgic film of a young man traversing time and distance to recapture a past love. ... On a train between Budapest and Paris, Jancsi relives through a series of flashbacks the period he… Read more

Mercurious (Stuart Wynn Jones, 1977)
A non-representational animated accompaniment to a piece of light music — a firework display without the bangs — a ballet without the people. ... Read more

Methods (Judit Vas, 1970)
This is a repetition of the social and psychological experiments of Kurt Levin with small children. The object of the experiments was the demonstration of differences between the various communal cli… Read more

Misunderstanding (Ante Babaja, 1959)
A millstone is exhibited by chance at a modern art exhibition. The admirers of abstract art are enthusiastic about the new work until the miller appears and takes back the stone to the mill. ... Read more

Mr. Rossi Buys a Car (Bruno Bozzetto, 1966)
Mr. Rossi's driving career is not a long one. . . . ... Anica Cup, Venice; Speical Mention, Cannes; Special Mention, Locarno; Golden Mesal, Milan; Award, Bordighera. ... Read more

Mr. Ventriloquist (Zlatko Bourek, 1980)
A ventriloquist goes into an old people's home where he intends to live out his days. He is asked by the man in charge of the home to give a performance for some visitors, but in doing so he insults … Read more

New Guinea Commercials (Lex Halliday, 1958)
Two 2-minute advertising commercials made for Lifebuoy and Rinso with a native cast and in Pidgin English for distribution in New Guinea. Honorable mention &ndash: Australian Film Awards ... Read more

ON THE BOWERY (Lionel Rogosin, 1955)
”The Bowery, the infamous street of derelicts in New York, is a syndrome of human blight, waste and decay: misused and shabby men living in a stale tenement city - confusion. At the turn of the cen… Read more

PAW - BOY OF TWO WORLDS (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1960)
Paw grew up in the jungles of the West Indies — the son of a Danish father and a West Indian mother who died who he was bom. The picture starts when Paw, at the age of twelve, has lost his fath… Read more

Spring Comes to Sweden (Gosta Werner, 1952)
A lyrical portrayal of how Spring comes to Sweden. The story is told by a series of impressions and without words. ... Read more

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (Alexander MacKendrick, 1957)
In the artificially illuminated world of Cafe Society, overweening gossip columnists, and grovelling press agents, J. J. Hunsecker and Sidney Falco have already become mythical prototypes. They arc t… Read more

Test of Violence - The Paintings of Juan Genovés (Stuart Cooper, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

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