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Programme 23

14 AMERICANS: DIRECTIONS OF THE 1970s (Michael Blackwood, 1980)
The terminology and critical nomenclature that will label American Art of the 1970's is still being devised and debated. The implication is that, unlike the 1950s and 1960's, when a basic style and s… Read more

An Award for Mr. Rossi (Bruno Bozzetto, 1960)
A witty satire on amateur movie makers. Signor Rossie becomes ambitious and wins an Oscar despite a complete lack of talent. ... Read more

Asphyxiation (Bent Barfod, 1965)
In the old days, one could kill a man - if one had enough power. Today, one may let him kill himself - if he has enough power. ... Read more

Belgian Suite (Lucien Deroisy, )
Picturesque Belgium in four movements: earth. water, air and fire. ... Read more

Between the Tides (R. Keene, 1958)
A fresh and imaginative study of animal and plant life on the shores of the west coast of Britain. ... Read more

CALCUTTA (Louis Malle, 1968)
Before the British came to India, a fishing village stood where Calcutta was established. The city evolved to meet the needs of colonialism: the growth of the East India ... Company and the exploitat… Read more

Day in our Life (R. Karmen, 1959)
36 cameramen collected material on the 16th September 1959 from many parts of the Soviet Union to give a kaleidoscopic impression of the life of its people. ... Read more

Double Portrait (Gábor György Kovásznai, 1965)
Two portraits, of a man and a woman, go through a series of strange changes which indicate their relationship. ... Golden Ducat Award for Animation, Mannheim Festival. ... Read more

DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY (Hans Richter, 1944)
A feature length film in which six fantastic visions, dreams, songs, and stories in colour, are united by an equally fantastic "frame-story" in black and white. This film realizes, unhampered by any … Read more

GOOD TIMES, WONDERFUL TIMES (Lionel Rogosin, 1965)
Lionel Rogosin has used original techniques in gathering material for all three films he has made so far. In his first film, On the Bowery, shown at the 1957 Melbourne Festival, he used a hidden came… Read more

I've Got This Problem (Ron Clasky, 1966)
Boy meets girl, and, being "switched-on", they cut the talk about the weather and all that, and get down to communication proper. ... Read more

Ideal (Bretislav Pojar, 1963)
A satirical comment on human foibles, built around the theme of a man searching for his ideal. ... Read more

Invocation (Kim, Jin Young, 1965)
A dance drama based on a Korean legend which has it that witches can recall departed souls, but that these souls are permitted to stay in this world only during the hours of darkness. ... Prize, Asia… Read more

JUDEX (Georges Franju, 1963)
Judex is a homage to the past in the form of a remake of Louis Feuillade's twelve episode serial of 1916. As an affectionate tribute to this forgotten genius whose films numbered about 550. Franju ha… Read more

Le Drame Du Taureau (Lucien Clergue, 1965)
A vivid coverage of bullfighting — from the bull's point of view. ... Read more

Legato (Henning Bendtsen, 1950)
Two minutes of eye-teasing corrugations. ... Read more

Molanna (Aleksandra Jaskulska, 1959)
A biological film depicting the life of a larva known as Molanna Augustata. The insect inhabits the bottom of the lake where it has an instinct for building dwellings in the sand. ... Read more

Morning Star Painter (Curtis Levy, 1980)
A film about a bark painter, Jack Wunuwun, and his community. Jack Wunuwun has established his own bush settlement for his people on their own land at Gamedi, north-east of Maningrida in Arnhemland. … Read more

The strongest statement yet from the black community. Such is the critical acclaim for this cine-verite documentary shot during one of the biggest peace marches in the United States. A group of black… Read more

Ping Pong (Henning Bendtsen, 1950)
Dots, lines, loops, dance to a drumbeat background. ... Read more

Rediscovered Harmonies (L. Devoisy, 1954)
A survey of ancient musical instruments; some forefathers of those in use today, others obsolete. The music is contemporary, appropriately and carefully selected. ... Read more

Rembrandt ‘69. Facts and Fiction (Ernie Damen, 1969)
A lighthearted look at Rembrandt and his relationship with the three women in his life. ... Read more

SONS AND DAUGHTERS (Jerry Stoll, 1967)
Sons and Daughters is a feature length documentary film about youth and controversy. Set in the San Francisco Bay Area during the International Days of Protest, October 15-16. 1965, it records 36 hou… Read more

The Bargain (Beryl Stevens, 1965)
A plain man's animated guide to the advantages of a bank account. ... First Prize, Industrial Film Awards, London; Third Prize, Industrial Film Awards, Rouen. ... Read more

The Bet (Ron Waller, 1968)
Wouldn't you bet that if a man lived alone in a room without contact with the world outside, not even knowing day from night, he would go mad? The man himself believes it will help him improve his mi… Read more

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